It’s ALIVE!!!!!

By Aaron Collier

This blog has been sitting on the operating table for a lot longer than I would like to admit. It’s been prepped and re-prepped numerous time. I even had one up and operational for about six months.

I remember “Ramblings” like it was yesterday. Adding my first music review followed by a Op-Ed wrestling piece. All the while thinking I was making a dent in the internet with my informative reviews and witty opinions.

The very definition of naive and wide-eyed.

I decided to hang “Ramblings” up in the closet. It wasn’t a complete failure, but no where near a success.

For years I pondered on starting another one, but eventually I would stop such dreaming and decide against it.

But this monster wouldn’t go away. It would make me think about the possibility of creating something new with words. Maybe even with some video or audio. It was a creative monster. One that wanted to be off the operating table and walking among the living. I managed to defeat it each time it attacked just escaping with a couple more scratches or bruises after each battle. I was winning.

Then the monster changed it’s tactics.

He started reminding me of how much I enjoyed working on my college newspaper, The Highland Cavalier. Working with a group of people that wanted to be creative and put out the best newspaper the college campus had ever seen.

And we did.

Week in and week out, the paper received more and more notice and The Highland Cavalier slowly became “The Award Winning” Highland Cavalier. Sure it was only recognized by the campus, but we turned the paper into something awesome and it felt great to all of us.

The monster started to play dirty. A plan I was ill prepared for. A plan to remind me that writing is even funner with people you like to collaborate with. To be creative with.

I decided to ask some of my fellow friends and geeks what they thought about starting this blog. A blog where geeks can write about what makes them geeks. The monsters that drive their pop-culture likes and dislikes. The monsters that push them to tell people about their new favorite TV show, comic book series, or album.

In short, The Monsters of Geek just left their operating tables.

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