Music Review: “To the Crows” / The Rickshaw Roadshow/Gold Ship Records


By Yeti Collier

Album: To the Crows

Artist: The Rickshaw Roadshow

Label: Gold Ship Records

Release Date: March 21st, 2014

Track Listing

Tell Me Darlin

So Damn Easy

Tequila and Gin

To the Crows

Teal Blue

Brown Bag Blues

As the Crow Flies 

Jailhouse Momma 

The Killer

Have you ever heard of a sophomore slump? Rickshaw Roadshow hasn’t! ‘

The bands second and newest release, To The Crows show how much this band has grown up in just a year after their first release. With To the Crows, Rickshaw Roadshow has managed to do one of the hardest things a band can do and that’s transfer their energy from their live show on to a record.

The album has a very interesting story to it. That’s what I like to do in my reviews, lay back with my eyes close the first time listening to it and let it play as  a movie in my head. To the Crows played a great story of a man that finally gets tired of getting led around. You feel his ups and you feel his downs and finally you feel the raw rage of a song writer scorned.

It captures the dark, grittiness of what a rock album is supposed to.

To the Crows opens with ‘Tell Me Darlin?’ and it catches your attention and sets the tone from the get go with a good guitar lick going into a heavy drum beat. The first thing they ask ‘’Where do we go from here?”  and the answer is a ride through Appalachian rock and roll. This album opening shows a growing trend in this area: The folk days are over and Rickshaw Roadshow wants to be the ones to lead you back to the Appalachian way of rock and roll. This album is a great way to open up the early part of the year for a music scene that is growing.

The more I listen to this album, the more I realize that this music scene has great talent and it is growing into something. It is up us, the consumers of music, to help support the bands in the area. The start of a new sound starts here at our back door.

With To the Crows I can finally see the Appalachian Rock that has been in the shadows of the “Mumford and Sons” movement.  It’s time to pick that banjo up and put a little kick into it. That’s what Rickshaw has done. They put the balls back into folk rock, took it to a crossroads, mixed it with a little blues, and they got To the Crows.

I remember going to a show in late December and thinking that rock and roll is coming back to this area. Gold Ship records has proven that it never left, it just wasn’t given the proper attention. To the Crows will serve the push for Appalachian rock and roll to return and we have The Rickshaw Roadshow to thank for that. 

You maybe asking yourself where can I get a copy of ‘To the Crows’? The release date for To the Crows is this Friday, March 20th and they are having a CD release party at the Hideaway in Johnson City, TN at 9 pm. You do not want to miss this show! Gold Ship Records has put together a great party and will have their newly signed band, 49 Winchester, open up for Rickshaw Roadshow. It will be a show you don’t want to miss plus it’s lead singer Austin Barrett’s birthday that will also add to the already great night.

This album is worth the pick up just to see what all the fuss will be about starting Friday night and early Saturday morning. Once again the show starts at 9. This is a show that you will want to be there for both bands. Pre-sale tickets can be purchased at The Hideaway, at Rickshaw Roadshow’s Facebook page or through email at Pre sale tickets are $20 bucks and includes a CD. The tickets at the door are $7.

Come out and support local bands Rickshaw Roadshow and 49 Winchester and a local record label in Gold Ship Records.

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