Album Review: “Rapture Drill”/Wayne Graham/Gold Ship Records


By Aaron Collier

Artist: Wayne Graham
Rapture Drill
Gold Ship Records
Release Date:
April 25th, 2014

Track Listing
Rapture Drill
Wise One
Brightest Sun
Stick Around
Take A Breathe
Double Yellow Line
He Aimed For July
In The Pit
Sea of Trees

wayne graham facebook2”> Photo: Facebook

Wayne Grah

[/caption]Wayne Graham, the collaboration between brothers Hayden and Kenny Miles, have done something that some bands strive for and never achieve: They make music and storytelling blend seamlessly. They take music and story and interconnect them so they enhance each other. Without good music the story will be lost and without a good story the music may get ignored.

Rapture Drill, the duo’s second full-length album, gives us a band that understands the anatomy of writing songs that tell a story, but also ones that you find yourself singing or humming throughout the day. It’s tough to marry melody and catchiness with lyrics that have substance to them, but Wayne Graham more than achieves the feat and does it at the highest level.

“Wise One,” “Double Yellow Line,” and “Stick Around” all exemplify great storytelling without sacrificing the catchiness of each song. “Wise One” might be the best out of the three due to infectious chorus, but all of them have unique stories wrapped in melodies that roll through your head after listening.

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The band also has

[/caption]The band also has a knack for adding moments where you hear something that you did not expect to hear. “Stick Around” has a jam session for the last quarter of the track that makes you nod your head without realizing it. “The Future” includes an eerie blend of sounds that creates an a atmosphere all it’s own at the end of an already fantastic track. “In the Pit” puts in a Motown-esque horn section that took me off guard, but it quickly became one of my favorite parts of the whole album. It’s those moments that make me believe that Wayne Graham is going to be a big deal at some point. It’s hard for people not to take notice when that type of bold music making shines on an album. Each track would have been good without the additions, but the inclusion of them made them into great tracks.

If you are a fan of Tom Petty or City and Colour, you should enjoy this album from top to bottom. Or if you are just a fan of good storytelling wrapped in a catchy dirty-americana sound or just a fan of great music, then it would be a wise idea to pick up Rapture Drill.

Should You Listen: YES

Download: “Rapture Drill”; “Wise One”; “Double Yellow Line”; “In the Pit”; “Future” (or the whole album really)

Final Verdict: Rapture Drill will put Wayne Graham on the map and the music landscape will be better because of it.

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