When Monsters Discuss…E3 2014: Past Memories and Nintendo Predictions

In the first part of this two part edition of When Monsters Discuss… Aaron Collier and Andrew Fultz talk what Nintendo’s strategy should be for E3 2014 and their first meaningful E3. Enjoy and leave comments for us!

Photo: trustedreviews.com
Photo: trustedreviews.com

Aaron Collier:

Before we start going all Nostradamus on this year’s E3, let’s talk about when E3 started mattering to us. What year did it become a must see event?

Andrew Fultz:
I only recently started caring about games at a level that E3 was something to look forward to. 2011 was probably the first E3 that caught my attention, which was partially because that was the year Nintendo unveiled the Wii U. Which was a big deal for [a] lifelong Nintendophile like me.

Mine was the announcement of the PS2 [Editor’s Note: That would be the year 1999, Aaron]. That was when E3 became an event for me. I feel like that year was when video games became a huge blip on the home entertainment radar. It was a huge deal and the first year I started looking forward to new consoles [being announced]

The PS2 was monumental for sure.

Aaron: What was the first game you saw at E3 that made you say, “I have to play that game!”

We love the Gamecube here at Monsters!/Photo:Gamespot
We here at Monsters love us some Gamecube! Photo:Gamespot

Mine was Metroid Prime. I never really played a lot of Metroid on the NES or SNES, but there was something about Prime that pulled me in. If I remember correctly, that was the main reason I bought a Gamecube.

Great game on a painfully underrated system.

It’s almost cheating, but 2011 gave us a console Zelda title, so Skyward Sword for me. Unfortunately, that one wasn’t as great as I’d hoped.

Yes, GCN gets slammed a bit, but it gave us some all-time greats. Not to venture into predictions too much, but there’s speculation that Nintendo could bring GameCube games to Wii U Virtual Console. That would make the Wii U a must buy for me if I didn’t already have it.

Speaking of Nintendo, let’s start with them. The WiiU has been a disaster as far a sales. Just terrible. They didn’t advertise it well at all, games were a no-show for the first 6 months to a year, and they never really utilized the WiiU Gamepad like they did the WiiMote. Keeping the Gamecube in the conversation (VIVA LA GAMECUBE!), they did release the Gamecube controller module which helps, but they need to gain a lot ground. What do they need to do?


They seem to have failed in so many ways with the Wii U. The lack of advertising was one thing, but there are still people who think Wii U is a gamepad add-on for the Wii. And it’s been 19 months.

Good news is that they announced today that Mario Kart 8 sold 1.2 million this weekend. That makes it easily the best selling Wii U game.

The GCN controller module only matters if it leads to a GCN Virtual Console. Otherwise, I don’t see a lot of use for it. So hopefully we get that.

The other thing they need are some must buy games. MK8 [Mario Kart 8] is a success, and Smash Bros. almost certainly promises more success, but those will only go so far. They have Bayonetta 2 out there somewhere. Hyrule Warriors interests me more than the average gamer. But it seems like they need something first or second party that becomes a must own to have a chance against PS4/X1. Because third party games just don’t draw huge numbers on Nintendo consoles anymore. They haven’t really for a while now.

I feel like they are selling games, but it really doesn’t matter because they have built this ceiling for the Wii U that they need a couple of rocket launchers to get through. They do have a good stable of first-party games ready to go now. I can walk into a store, buy a Wii U, and have a pretty good catalog of games to choose from now with the promise of more games this year. It just took them an eternity to get any out.

I could make a solid argument for the Wii U as the best “next-gen” console available at the moment, for sure.

This…is…AWESOME!/Photo: technobuffalo.com

I don’t see them releasing the GCN controller if the Gamecube wasn’t in the plans for the Virtual Console. I know they are using Smash Brothers as the catalyst to release it, but you would think they have bigger plans for it.

But they do have a history of not utilizing console add-ons. Just ask any N64 expansion pack or SNES [Super Nintendo Entertainment System] Super Scope owner.

I do think we’ll get a GCN Virtual Console though.

But you brought up the biggest problem for Nintendo and that is third party support.

In short, they haven’t had much.

You would have to go all the way back to the SNES  to really see a flux of third party games that was only for Nintendo.

Bayonetta 2 was gutsy and I applaud them for getting that game only on their console. They have the Xenogears mystery RPG and the new Fatal Frame coming out sometime.

If they continue to get A+ [third party] games only for their console and combine them with, what I consider, the best first party properties in all of gaming, then they can get the Wii U to come back to life. I’m afraid they waited too long.

They need to drop trying to get Call of Duty and the EA Sports titles. It doesn’t work for them and it won’t. Sony and Microsoft have that corner of the gaming market. Nintendo needs to concentrate on getting the games that Sony and Microsoft don’t care about. Big sprawling RPGs, awesome platformers, and innovative titles.

I think they can bounce back. Typically, the second year of new consoles are when developers got their stride. So I think they have time, just not much of it.

And they need to get with Capcom and get a new Mega Man game. Would solve all their issues [laughs]!

Photo: amazon.ca
Photo: amazon.ca


You bring up a good point.

They did well with their Wii exclusive RPG’s toward the end of its cycle. Unfortunately though, some of the best RPG’s of the last few years have not been on Nintendo consoles. Skyrim was multi-platform, but skipped Nintendo. Kingdoms of Amalur was largely unnoticed, but excellent. And not on Nintendo. And Ni No Kuni was PS3 exclusive.

It really would move some units!

And the RPGs you have mentioned above are huge exceptions as far as successful RPGs. No one really has a corner on the RPG market as far as home consoles go. Both Nintendo and Sony have done great job with RPGs on their handheld systems, but no one has really concentrated on them of the home console.

Sony has tried [for home consoles], but they release crazy JRPGs that, quite frankly, look bat-crazy insane. Nintendo can sneak in and get that market by putting out RPGs that appeal to the hardcore RPG gamer, but are still accessible for a casual gamer to pick up. I guess that is what I want from Nintendo.

You’re right. There’s no home console “one stop shop” for RPG’s.

Nintendo needs to become an RPG machine. They have template on how to do it: it’s called the Super Nintendo.

Unfortunately, Square Enix has gone multi-platform and seems inept with home RPG’s anymore.

Aaron: Before we leave Nintendo, lets talk about the 3DS for a second. Do they just need to keep doing what they are doing with this system at this point? It probably shows how great they have done with the 3DS when we have no major concerns.

The only problem I have with the 3DS is that they are putting GBA game on Wii U’s VC and not the 3DS. That is somewhat minor, but [it] does bother me.

Oh Nintendo! You have one of the best back catalogs known to man and you refuse to release them in a sensible manner.


Let’s finish Nintendo with this:

One announcement they need to make and one you want them to make.

Need: GCN Virtual Console.

Want: Majora’s Mask 3D Remake.

How about you?

Need: A big reveal from one of their major first party games: Zelda, Metroid, Mario, etc.

Want: Some sort of Mega Man game. Home or Portable. I would love Mega Man Legends 3.

Dear Aaron, This is never going to happen. From: Reality

Part 2: Microsoft and Sony Predictions along with who Andrew and Aaron think have  a chance to win big at E3 2014! 


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