Yeti’s Horror Past is the Key to his Creative Future

By Joe “Yeti” Collier

EvilDeadPosterI was sitting with my good friend Josh, from Drawing with the Delps, as he began the artwork fora small graphic novel collection of short horror stories we have decided to start. As we worked on the project, it brought back memories of sneaking late at night and watching horror movies at my Grandparent’s house, who’d acquired a cable card from our local Dish man.

Let me paint the picture of the house my grandparents lived in at the time. It was an old brick two story farm house in Kentucky. It had acres of land and an old creepy work shop along with a wooden building in the back. I still get the creeps thinking of the old wooden out-building that looked like something you would see in the Evil Dead. The closest I ever got to it was crawling underneath it to get puppies out.

I used to have nightmares about things coming out of it. The very first nightmare I had involved Nosferatu coming out of it, which leads back into my story.

When I was 5 years old, I woke up on a stormy night, while I was staying with my grandparents because my family went to Carman’s Riot tour.

[Editor’s Note: Carman is the BEST contemporary Christian performer EVER. Don’t agree? Don’t mind that horse head in your bed then MUHAHAHAHAHA!]


I couldn’t sleep, so I did what any normal 5 year old would do, watch TV. As I flipped through the channels I stopped on a black and white movie. As I sat there watching it, listening to the music and the storm outside, I began to feel something that I had never noticed feeling before: Suspense.

Although I did not know what was going to happen I knew it was something bad. The moment the coffin opened and the pale white demon of the night came out I screamed in terror! My grandfather came in, turned it off, and put me back to bed. That’s when I dreamt that Nosferatu was in the old wooden shed out back. After that, I made sure I never went near that shed again.

That’s when I became addicted to fear. I love feeling the emotion of fear. I read horror book after horror book growing up. I used to get a book called Graves End from the school library every time I got the chance. I found a copy at the local Goodwill a few weeks back. Even today, I will sit in the pitch black darkness of my basement apartment and watch a good horror flick.

Paranormal ActivityI can say my mom really got me into scary movies, and sometimes she paid the price. I can remember watching Pet Cemetery with her when I was 7 and had to sleep in their bed. She was the one that showed me all the greats of the 80s: Fright Night, Silver Bullet, and Halloween just to name a few. She fed the addiction.

I think the 80s had the greatest horror movies, but now we have glimpses of great ones as well. Paranormal Activity was a good concept, but director James Wan took the premise of Activity to new heights and gave us one of the best horror movies of this generation with The Conjuring.

The reason I am writing this, is I am hoping to have a collection of my short horror stories out in the near future in graphic novel format. I hope to capture the fear that I felt as a child. Writing these stories brings back good memories that I had as a kid and even today. But I hope that the people reading them will feel one emotion: fear. Just like Nosferatu did for me.

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