Monster Memories: EA’s NCAA Football Series



Joe “Yeti” Collier

It feels weird not going out and buying the new NCAA Football game this summer. For the last 8 years or so, I would have stayed up till the wee hours of the morning playing.

In 2008, I remember playing my old Xbox and Harvard putting in the ACC and going to the Orange Bowl 2 nights after I got the game, then winning 3 straight championships.

Photo: Wikipedia


For NCAA 2009, I played until 2013 taking Duke to 16 straight undefeated seasons winning 1 orange bowl and 15 National Titles until my brother (Monster’s founder Aaron) traded the Xbox 360 in. I almost cried cause I had built that Duke team up and had a bond with the fake players that I had recruited.

You can ask Aaron I would talk his ear off about recruits. I talk about recruits in full detail to him playing NCAA 2014. Or always putting Virginia Tech on my schedule no matter what  team I played with, just to ruin their National Title hopes. Same with Florida.

It’s a shame that we won’t be able to play the new playoff system with our buddies over online dynasty.

But as the age comes to a close, I will tip my hat and spill a little of my drink to the memories and bonds that EA Sports allowed me to have with my fake players. Thanks for the memories EA, as long as you keep the severs open in 2014, I will be playing.


Aaron Collier

NCAA Football is my favorite sports series of all-time.

NCAA Football 97
NCAA Football 97

So you can imagine my disappointment when EA announced the series would end with the 2014 installment due to a major lawsuit brought forward by former UCLA basketball player, Ed O’Bannon.

The series has given me some of my all-time favorite gaming moments. I remember my cousin being unstoppable with Nebraska fullback Joel Makovicka and Nebraska in the ’97 iteration, and finally beating him at the last second with Donavan McNabb and the Syracuse Orangemen. I also remember naming the entire ’98 Tennessee Volunteer roster and winning the National Championship in the virtual world, while the actual team won the title in real world (Go Vols!).

My greatest team I ever played with was the 2008 Tennessee Volunteers. It was all-everything safety Eric Berry’s junior year and I decided to play a 3-3-5 defense. This pulled Berry up very close to the line of scrimmage and that allowed me to make chaos in the backfield. I finished with 26 sacks and a ton of tackles for losses in route to the Heisman trophy.It was the most dominant team I have ever played with. My defense only allowed more than 14 points once throughout the year and my offense was unstoppable. Still my favorite dynasty team to this day.

As the series moved on, it got more and more realistic. You had to recruit players which, unlike

Photo: Wikipedia

Yeti, I found a bit tedious and still do. I loved doing the Dynasty modes, but would let the computer do all the work. Up until 2013 all you had to do was win to get recruits and I did a lot of that thus bringing in the best players. Not saying the upgraded recruiting made the game any less in quality, it just wasn’t my cup of tea spending more time recruiting than actually playing games.

Even though I will miss the series, I am glad that the millons of copies that EA sold of the series has brought about the discussion about college athletes and compensation. I’ve believed for a long time that college athletes should be paid something due to the massive amounts of money universities and colleges make off of them. Some may disagree, but if the NCAA Football series has to die, at least it’s for the betterment of the college athlete.


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