Star Wars Black Series Boba Fett is Worth The Purchase (and a Better Death, George!)


Photo: Travis Giles
Photo: Travis Giles

Star Wars Black Series is an excellent line of action figures and it has been a long time dream for many toy lovers to finally get their hands on Star Wars toys in this scale. There have been several waves released so far, as well as some pretty cool convention exclusives and, of course, one of the most popular figures has been Boba Fett.

There are probably two figures that even non-collectors wouldn’t mind to have, Boba Fett and Darth Vader. Vader will be out soon enough, but there are some mixed early reviews of him. Boba Fett on the other hand is an excellent figure and the time is right to pick him up. When he was first released prices jumped up way too high for a sane toy lover, but they have since come back down to Earth, and he can usually be picked up at a more reasonable dollar amount now.

Photo: Travis Giles

The Star Wars Black 6-inch Boba Fett is loaded with articulation and comes with his blaster rifle and pistol. Both weapons have a nice paint job and aren’t the usual single color that most smaller scale weapons come in. Boba can hold either weapon just fine and he has a holster for his pistol.

He also has his jet pack which was pretty much a necessity for a Boba Fett figure. The jet pack is removable, but I wouldn’t imagine anyone would ever have him displayed without wearing it. There is some nice weathering on the jet pack and it is a definite step up from that original figure, but it does share one thing in common: no rocket firing feature on the jet pack. This is one time I am glad for that rocket to be stuck in place as an action feature could have ruined a nice sculpt.

Hasbro put some nice work into the detail of the armor as well. There’s all kinds of little dings and dents making it appear as though Boba has seen some real battles in his bounty hunts. He even has some cloth goods with his little cape draped over one shoulder. I’m not normally a fan of cloth on my action figures, but it works well here and doesn’t make Boba seem dollish at all.

Photo: Travis Giles

Some of the initial luster of getting a 6-inch scale line of Star Wars figures may have worn off by now, but these are all fun figures and worth picking up. If you don’t want to collect them all and are just interested in cherry picking a few here and there then I can highly recommend Bob Fett. He’s an excellent figure of an excellent character.






Photos Above: Travis Giles 

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