Ahhhh! Monster Lists!: Reid’s Top Albums He Would Like to See Performed Live

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This week the bands Say Anything and Saves the Day announced an unheard of event: A joint album anniversary tour.

To celebrate the ten years since Say Anything’s breakthrough album Was a Real Boy and the fifteen years since Saves The Days Through Being Cool, the two bands have joined forces to make the greatest album anniversary tour ever.

Anniversary album concerts are perhaps the closest thing we have to time travel in this supposed technical renaissance. For those 90 minutes you are taken back to 10 or 15, maybe even 20 years ago, and nothing the band has done since then matters. You and the band are back to your roots, and everything that happened when you used to listen to that album, now feels like yesterday.

None of that “new album that drops later this year” crap, it’s all songs you know. Songs that have that special meaning. They can be the perfect concert.

If I had to make a list of the top five album anniversary tours I would want to see it would be simple. Explaining it is slightly more difficult.

The difference between best album anniversary tours and best album is very significant. First and foremost it’s a concert. I have tons of albums that I love, from bands that have awful live shows. Second, you would have to be willing to see the band knowing full well they will only play that album. No surprises, no new hits. Just the stuff that got them there. It could give you that time travel moment, to remind you of when everything was going good, or when it wasn’t and you needed that album to get you by.

So after a bit of soul searching, here is my dream list of album anniversary tours.

Photo: Wikipedia
Photo: Wikipedia

When Broken is Easily Fixed/Silverstein

When I first listened to this album, I was in a different place musically. I was firm in pop punk, Drive-Thru Records era and blasting The Ataris and New Found Glory. But this album was the start of something new for me, especially “November.” Every song on this CD spoke to me in some form. They quickly became my favorite band. After seeing them live six times, I had to make them number one.

Photo: Wikipedia
Photo: Wikipedia

Suicide Notes and Butterfly Kisses/Atreyu

Anyone into the metalcore scene in the mid 2000’s had this album. They knew every song. They (or at least I) contemplated a “Live Love Burn Die” tattoo.This album set the standard for the genre and made it mainstream. I saw them twice when they supported this album, and three times after. They’re not the same band anymore, but their intensity is still there.

Photo: Wikipedia
Photo: Wikipedia

Sometimes/City and Colour

Before Dallas Green and friends became indie rock stars and Canadian icons, he and his acoustic guitar were the only members of City and Colour. His Alexisonfire side project was a ten song masterpiece  that will bring anyone to their knees. The romance, the heartache, the creativity. Songs like “Casey’s Song”, “In the Water I am Beautiful”, and “…Off By Heart” made this man my musical messiah. I have never seen his acoustic performances live, but YouTube has an entire performance of his that was broadcasted on the Bravo network.

Photo: Wikipedia
Photo: Wikipedia

Watch Out/Alexisonfire

The group that originally got me listening to City and Colour in the first place. They had a self titled album before this that I enjoyed. Very raw and unpolished and I think that’s what turned me on to them. Wasn’t obsessed with it, so when this came out and my friends didn’t like it, I didn’t give it a chance. A few years later I stumbled across it at a second hand store, and everything changed. While they lost that raw unpolished sound, they gained a unique thrash to wonderfully choreographed post hardcore scene. Songs like “Get Fighted” and “Accidents” kept true to their roots, while a ballad like “Side Walks When She Walks” and the haunting “Sharks and Danger” will leave you in tears. Seeing this album performed live will put you in a roller coaster of emotions.

Photo: Wikipedia
Photo: Wikipedia

Kings of Pop/Homegrown

I basically saw this album performed in its entirety in 2004. Amazing show. This pop punk trio was able to stay the course when other bands with a different sound tried to take over the charts, but they kept their edge. Songs like “Second Best” and “Give It Up” were the anthems of that year in my mind.
Conventional wisdom says this is all a dream list that will never come to full fruition. But stranger things have happened, and if Doc Brown never pulls up to me  in a silver delorian, I will cling to the hope that these shows will happen and I can travel back in time.

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