A Man and His Loot or T-Rav Receives His First Loot Crate!


Photo: Travis Giles
Photo: Travis Giles

You’ve probably seen ads for Loot Crate around the internet. I had been seeing them on Facebook for a while and had always been curious, but I never bit the bullet and signed up until a few weeks ago and just in time to get the September box.

Loot Crate, for those not familiar with the service, is a subscription plan that sends you a box of nerdy loot for roughly $20 a month. Each box is centered around a theme and contains a variety of different items. Past themes have involved heroes, video games, and Transformers. September’s theme was Galactic and featured items from Alien, Firefly/Serenity, Star Wars, and Star Trek. This was the theme that finally got me to join.

Boxes from Loot Crate are supposed to ship between the 20th – 25th of each month, but mine arrived on the 20th so that was already a big kudos in favor of Loot Crate before I even opened my box.

Photo: Travis Giles
Photo: Travis Giles

So now it’s time to open that crate. I’d been nervously dreading this part. What if it’s a total dud? What if I just wasted 20 bucks? Well, luckily I didn’t waste money and it wasn’t a dud at all. Inside the box is a nice little pile of loot and while I probably wouldn’t have bought any of it on my own it turned out to all be pretty cool and stuff I will happily keep. Loot Crate is also nice enough to include a little magazine listing everything included in that month’s crate and the box itself is custom built with an inside also based around each month’s theme. The Galactic Crate has artwork inside bringing together things from each corner of the sci-fi universe that is included.

There’s a plush Tribble from Star Trek in an exclusive Loot Crate color. This is pretty cool and while it isn’t something I would have ever picked up on my own I definitely don’t mind putting this out somewhere in my geek room.

Photo: Travis Giles
Photo: Travis Giles

There was also a figure from the Funko ReAction Alien series, originally sculpted by Kenner decades ago for a toy-line that was eventually cancelled. I already own the Alien figure so it was nice getting a second figure from the line (I got Ripley in the Loot Crate box). I believe the September crates contained any of the five figures from the first series.

Funko seems to be a pretty consistent part of Loot Crate and most boxes look to have included at least one item from them. I really like Funko POPS, but I haven’t picked up any of their Mystery Minis so it was nice getting one of them in the Galactic Crate. Loot Crate went with an exclusive Malcolm Reynolds figure from Firefly. I really love Firefly and this Mystery Mini may have just sparked my interest in getting more. I need that Robocop!

Also from Firefly is some cold hard cash from Quantum Mechanix. This Bank Robbery Money is gorgeous with some awesome art on each bill.

Photo: Travis Giles
Photo: Travis Giles

Star Wars is represented by a Loot Crate exclusive retro arcade magnet and a 9×27” poster of Han in Carbonite. Star Wars is my favorite corner of science fiction and I would have gladly signed up for a whole box centered around the galaxy far away. I’m not big on magnets, but this is a cool one and the poster is a great iconic image from the original trilogy that I am glad to have.

Finally there is a random assortment of other little goodies like discount codes for gaming gear, codes for Halo digital comics from Dark Horse, Pop Rocks, and a pin showing off Darth Vader and Ripley’s Power Loader. Loot Crate includes candy and a themed pin in every box and though they aren’t huge items they are a nice little touch of randomness. I’m looking forward to next month’s crate, but I will be keeping an eye on those themes because there have been some past crates that just wouldn’t suit me. Though I am sure they have been epic to other geeks.

All Photos Were Shot by Travis Giles





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