AHHH! Monster Lists! (Halloween 2014 Special Part Uno!): Joe’s Netflix Horror Movie Viewing Guide!

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[Editor’s Note: This list mostly contains movies with an R rating and deals with subjects that are not suitable for anyone under 18-years of age. You have been warned! Happy Halloween!]

October, which means, Fall, hot chocolate, changing leaves, Pumpkin Ale, Pumpkin spiced everything, and most importantly Halloween!

If you are like me, you are a huge fan of anything horror based, be it books, games, movies, TV shows, or attractions. Here is a list of movies that you need put on your Netflix list.

Some of the movies listed are bumps in the night style, some are psychological thrills that will mess your emotions up. There is even a documentary for you!

Photo: Wikipedia
Photo: Wikipedia

1. House of the Devil 

Ti West is quickly becoming a great horror director. This is a throw back to the 80’s style movies, and it’s very well done. If you saw this movie on TV it would have you asking what year it was made. It has my favorite element in a horror movie, no hope. This story will have you thinking twice before calling the number on that babysitter flyer.

Photo: IMDB
Photo: IMDB

2. V/H/S 1 & 2

What better way of starting off the horror fest then with movies that involve gruesome deaths.

Both V/H/S films are two of my favorite “found footage” movies. Not to mention the story telling and the creativity of the stories is what I like the most. It has cringe worthy moments and it will have you wishing bad things on some of the people in the movie.

To make it even better, Ti West (House of the Devil, The Innkeepers) does one of the creepier shorts called Second Honeymoon for the first movie and Jason Eisener (Hobo with a Shotgun) did one for the second film. So enjoy!

Photo: Amazon
Photo: Amazon

3. Night Watch and Day Watch

These stories go together and I didn’t want to take another spot up. Great good vs. evil story. If you don’t like subtitles these aren’t for you.

Photo: Polyvore
Photo: Polyvore

4.  The Craft

What is scarier than a catholic school? A Catholic school school with 3 witches looking for one more! Although there are some plot holes (how did she get burnt!?!?!), but over all it’s got a creepy feel and a decent story.

Photo: Imdb
Photo: Imdb

5. The Innkeepers

Surprise! It’s another Ti West movie! It’s the last weekend open for a failing hotel. Trying to catch evidence of paranormal activity one of the hotel workers puts herself in danger.

Once again you sense that there is no hope and Ti West is a real throwback type of horror guy. His movies make you feel like you’re in the hay day of horror movies!

Photo: Wikipedia
Photo: Wikipedia

6. The Conspiracy

Two filmmakers are making a movie on conspiracy theorists. One of their subjects goes missing and that leads one of them trying to find out what happened! If you think big bother is always watching, then you need to watch this thriller. It will have you holding  your breath! The story was a little slow, but it builds up for the ending.

Photo: Nexus of Nerd
Photo: Nexus of Nerd

7. The Prophecy

Christopher Walken plays Gabriel, who is fighting a war between Angels. He is looking for the soul on earth to end the war up stairs. It’s a creepy story and it just gets creepier as it goes along. Love a good angel war!

Photo: RogerEbert.com
Photo: Roger Ebert.com

8.  The Last Sacrament

If you don’t know me, you have gathered one thing, I’m a Ti West fan! This is the third movie he has written and directed, and the fourth he was involved in on this list.

If you do know me, you know I am a fan of anything involving a cult. I love cult movies. The Last Sacrament is the 2nd documentary style movie on the list. It involves Vice News which gives it that realistic feel. The movie captures the everyday life of a Jamestown society. Gene Jones plays “Father”, the cult leader, and he does a great job with the role. This movie will have you on edge!

Photo: Mymovieplanet
Photo: Mymovieplanet.com

9.   Exorcismus

A 15-year-old girl dabbles with the dark side because her parents don’t understand her. When she starts having issues and doctors can’t figure out why, they call her uncle, a priest, in to help.

This movie is filled with devastation and as the story moved along the plot will have you saying “what the, SHUT YOUR MOUTH!” It has a fresh take on an exorcist storyline that had been used for a long time. As the movie builds up, the more you watch the harder it is to process what is going on.

Photo: Horrormoviediary

10. The American Scream

This is a documentary that introduces you to three families in the town of Fairhaven that turn their homes into haunted houses. Really cool to see people with a deep love for Halloween doing what they love to do.

That’s the list! Add to it in the comments and let us know what you’re watching this Halloween season.

4 thoughts on “AHHH! Monster Lists! (Halloween 2014 Special Part Uno!): Joe’s Netflix Horror Movie Viewing Guide!

  1. Nice list Joe. The Conspiracy was pretty good, The VHS movies are awesome, and I’m glad you put House of the Devil at #1. I’ve tried to tell people about that movie for years, and no one seems interested.

    1. I remember watching House of the Devil when I lived in Savannah. I thought long and hard how this gem of a movie got by me thinking it was made in the 80s. To my surprise when I IMDB searched it I was surprised that it was filmed 2009 with a 16mm camera to give it that throwback feel. That was when I started keeping up with Ti west.

  2. I haven’t seen all of these, I’ll have to try to watch some when I find time to do anything. My favorites… hmm I’ve always been a big fan of The Thing, it’s well made and has amazing attention to detail. Plus, after it’s over it seems to linger with you for awhile. Another I would recommend if you haven’t seen it, [REC]. It’s a Spanish horror film from 2007 and is amazing, I really think you would like it Joe. [REC] 2 is also very good, but the third is horrible and should never have been made.

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