You Can’t Teach Speed, Kids! Travis Looks at the Speeder Bike from the Star Wars Black Series Line!


[Editor’s Note: All pictures were taken by Travis Giles]

The vintage Kenner Star Wars line is filled with wonderful toys such as the huge AT-AT, the awe inspiring Rancor, and the Tauntaun with the open belly for rescuing your freezing action figures. These are all really great, but one of my favorites is the small and relatively simple Speeder Bike from Return of the Jedi.

scout4Fast forward several decades and Hasbro has recently released a Speeder Bike with a Scout Trooper in its 6-inch Star Wars Black Series. I immediately knew I wanted this new version of the iconic bike and seeing it racing through the forests of the sanctuary moon of Endor.

This is one gorgeous representation of the Speeder Bike. There’s just enough dents and dings to make it appear as though it has rubbed a few trees on Endor, but not so much as to have the insurance company total it out. Hasbro even included a clear stand that plugs into the bottom of the Speeder. The Speeder can be rotated around on a ball at the plug and can be moved around to look as if it is speeding through the huge Redwood trees. Now we just need the inevitable Endor Luke and Leia with two more Speeder Bikes.

The trooper himself is another great toy. The human faces have been a bit hit or miss in the 6-inch line, but the armored figures have been spot on and the Scout Trooper is just another great looking figure in the Black Series. He has an excellent range of motion and even includes his little pistol tucked away in a holster at the lower part of his leg.


I really love this line. I haven’t collected a modern Star Wars line since the late 90’s until the 6-inch Star Wars Black Series was released. And though some of the initial excitement has died down, I can’t deny that I think it is a blast to play with these great characters in a brand new scale of figures.

It’s great to get even the briefest reminder of the things that made growing up in the 80’s and 90’s so great. Saturday morning cartoons may be gone, but Star Wars toys are still hanging in there. The great Star Wars Black figures like Boba Fett, the Stormtrooper, and now the Speeder Bike with the Scout Trooper, bring me back to the days playing with those simple 3.75 inch figures from the galaxy’s simpler days.


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