Monster Album Reviews! – “DAVIE”/Davie and the Untamed


Artist: Davie and the Untamed

Album: DAVIE

Label: Independent

Release Date: 11/11/14

Track Listing:


I Need a Friend

The Weary

Don’t Take Your Love Away

Carry Me Home

Joe CollierBlogpic

With a new raccoon skin hat and a new band, Davie set off to find his sound. What he found was Davie and the Untamed along with a new stride. One that should have all the big time record folks in Nashville buzzing and coming to every show.

Davie and The Untamed’s debut album, ‘DAVIE’ is going to be a legend that the Volunteer State will put next to Old Hickory himself. It’s a fresh sound that we need in this dark time of rock and roll.

There are no weak links on this EP, but the songs to check out are  ‘Weary’ and ‘Don’t Take Your Love Away.” The songs writing style and vocals will make you think of the days where rock and roll was simple, new and just out of the oven. The songs will make you remember a simpler time. They will be staples on summer playlist from now on.

The one and only complaint: We want more!! We’ve got to have more!

But the counter to this complaint is every song off the five song album has repeatability. They don’t get old. Take it from me, it is worth it! This is a very smart move. Build hype with the first release and leave us wanting more. Well played!

“The Sun never shines on the weary.” With their debut EP, Davie and The Untamed may have the sun shine on them. Although it’s just five songs it catches your attention from the get go. The hooks on the tracks will have you singing and listening to it for days on end. The musicianship of the songs and how they are crafted are beautifully done.

DAVIE is an album that could make modern day artists come back to their roots. With its early Rolling Stones vibe, Davie and The Untamed takes the sound and turns it into their own.

DAVIE hits iTunes on November 11th, and I suggest you get a copy and ask yourself what’s not to love about the album.

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