WATCH OUT! Yeti Gives Us His Top Music Acts to Keep Your Eye On in 2015!

[Disclamer: The list of artists and bands below may contain some mature themes and language. Not all music is for all ages and we here at Monsters of Geek understand this. Even though we like to publish pieces with clean language, not everything we cover follows that same rule. We like to warn potential readers when we cover content that may have mature themes and language. Thank you and Enjoy!]

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2015 is going to be a monster year for music, with artists like Bob Dylan, Fleetwood Mac, Van Morrison, The Smashing Pumpkins, Faith No More, and Radiohead all putting out new albums. Let’s not forget rap and R&B stars like Kayne West and Frank Ocean releasing new music, as well as Guster, Modest Mouse, My Morning Jacket and JEFF THE BROTHERHOOD.

But my favorite thing about a new year is new artists to watch out for. Many of these artists have released EPs or full length albums in 2014, and many will get radio air play. So get ready to listen to the sweet sounds of bands I enjoyed last year, as well as a few that I will be enjoying this year!


Wolf Alice

I have been living off the EPs of Wolf Alice for way too long! Finally the year has come for a full length album! With their grunge driven sound, I fell in love with them shortly after listening to their single ‘Bros’ in 2013.

Twin Peaks

There is something very vintage about Chicago’s Twin Peaks. With the release of their album Wild Onions last year, get ready for this band to break it big on the festival scene in 2015.

Davie Smith and the Untamed

Davie Smith and the Untamed have a huge year in front of them. We did a review of their EP DAVIE in November, let’s just say we here at Monsters of Geek are wanting a full length album soon!


This is the perfect band to kick back on the beach, or the pool, with a group of friends while enjoying the warm summer evening. If you catch yourself making a Summer playlist, don’t forget to include these guys


There is nothing like some good rock and roll. Darlia has a few EPs they’ve released over the years, and it has driven me crazy because I have been waiting on a full album. With a strange mix of early 90’s rock and Mute Math, they are on the verge of blowing a hole in the music world.

The Districts

There is always that young band that surprises you, and this year it will be the Districts. Go ahead and write this down or follow them on Spotify, and get ready to say wow.

Catfish and The Bottlemen

Do yourself a favor and go get this album before they blow up the radio, and have one of those cool Hipster “I listened to them before you” moments. Catfish and the Bottlemen’s freshman album just dropped the 6th and is well worth the listen and the money.

Dolmite Minor

If you like raw two piece bands, these guys are for you. With a grungier sound than few duos that came out last year, like Royal Blood and The Bots, Dolomite Minor has a sound like Queens of the Stone Age. I am sure they will be on the festival scene blowing people’s minds.


Here is another duo whose break neck, raw punk sound has gotten them notice, while on the support card for shows last year. Not to mention when you go on Jools Holland and tear it up you might just be a pretty good band.

All We Are

All We Are may have one of the catchiest sounds this year. If you have Spotify go listen to their Spotify Session record live at Jack Rocks in London. You will fall for the sound, but be careful, I listened to it every day for a few weeks after it was released.

Circa Waves

Here is another band you don’t want to leave off you Summer playlist. Circa Waves has a great sound that smells of sunshine, indie and pop-punk.

Pop Music


Listen to “Electric Love” and you will be hooked. Heavy guitars and a smooth mix of electronic pop gives the sounds of BØRNS.


All I have to say, Misterwives will be on your radio by summer time. They will also be included on your big summer playlist. They may be my guilty pleasure for 2015.

Jon Bellion

Are you ready for your next big Pop Star? Here he is, Mr. Jon Bellion. I have to say the video for “Luxury” got me listening to his 2014 release.


George the Poet

George is from Britain and is a great mix of spoken word and hip-hop . If spoken word and great beats are your thing, keep an eye out for him. The first time I got to listen to him was on Later With Jools Holland. I later heard him on a killer track called One from Idris Elba (yes that is Luther!) newest album Mi Mandela.

 Tyler Carter

Guys get ready to take a backseat to another Metalcore clean vocalist going out and doing his own thing, *cough* Dallas Green *cough*. Unlike Green, Tyler Carter, lead singer of Woe Is Me, won’t be going to folk, buy he will take the R&B scene hostage. My crystal ball shows me some pretty big things will happen for Tyler.

Chance the Rapper

Chance made headliners in 2014 by slowing gun violence in his home town of Chicago for 42 hours. That is something he is very passionate about, although he blew up in 2014 with his live shows and along with his 2013 release ‘Acid Rap’. But 2015 is the year that the people who don’t know Chance will fall in love him.

Joey BadA**

Joey is the next big thing in hip hop and it is sad that it has taken three years for him to start getting the recognition that is rightfully his. “1999” was a very good freshman album, and in my mind he should have blown up on 2012. But that’s fine, because he is getting in the game when his style fits in best. His new album is out this month.


Dear Iggy and Niki, get out of rap while you still can.

Tink is getting ready to chew up and spit out every female that is too weak to be in the rap game. Tink can hang with the big names in rap. Not only can she rap, but she has a great singing voice. She is about to take female rap to another level this year.

So get ready to listen to the sweet sounds of bands I enjoyed last year,  few that I will be enjoying this year, and some you will enjoy more than me.

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