Monsters Present…T-Rav’s Adventure in Geeky Stuff! 2002’s Pepsi Blue!


Photo: Travis Giles
                       Photo: Travis Giles

I’m mainly a toy nerd, but I have interest in a little bit of everything else too. I get into old lunch boxes, old cereal, and one of my favorites is old soda. There’s the grand daddy of failed sodas, New Coke, then there’s Pepsi’s glamorous failure, Crystal Pepsi. Those two may be the most famous carbonated flops, but there are tons of other guys out there and one of my favorites is Pepsi Blue from 2002.

Pepsi Blue came with a pretty decent fanfare, but isn’t remembered my many these days (it’s only been 13 years!). It came about at a time when companies were spinning off their popular brands by adding flavors and colors. Vanilla Coke and Mt Dew Code Red were doing well, so why not a blue Pepsi?

Pepsi Blue wasn’t just a blue version of straight up Pepsi Cola, instead it had a flavor all its own coming in somewhere between cotton candy and blue raspberry. It’s almost like drinking candy and I loved it, but apparently many did not as it was seen as a failure and didn’t hang around very long.

blue1I just happened to have an unopened can sitting around and decided to pop the top for you folks and see if Pepsi Blue was everything I remembered it to be. There wasn’t that usual fizzy reaction you get when opening a can of soda, but I wasn’t surprised that my can had gone flat over the last decade. It still looked nice and radioactively blue, so I thought it was worth a drink or two.

I found the perfect glass for Pepsi Blue: an old Smurfs glass from Hardee’s. Remember when Hardee’s had cool stuff? Well, that’s a good topic for another discussion, but for now let’s get back to Pepsi Blue.

I poured the old blue stuff over some ice and took a sip. It really wasn’t that bad after all this time. It was definitely flat, but the flavor is still as good as I remember it. It’s like drinking a piece of melted candy, granted it would have been better if it still had some fizz, but all in all it was halfway decent.

Anybody else remember Pepsi Blue? Did you love it or hate it or completely ignore it?


One thought on “Monsters Present…T-Rav’s Adventure in Geeky Stuff! 2002’s Pepsi Blue!

  1. Pepsi Blue is, no joke, probably my favorite soda. I was so bummed when they discontinued it! Mountain Dew Voltage is pretty close to the taste, but it’s still missing that refreshing edge. I’d like to hope for a Surge-style resurgence, but I really doubt it was popular enough to warrant one to begin with.

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