Monster Video Game Reviews! Disney Infinity 2.0! (Multi-Platform)


Screen-Shot-2014-04-09-at-10.07.59-AMAlright, let’s first address the elephant in the room. I am a gaming neophyte. I humbly bow before my constituents in this fine blog who dwarf me significantly with their knowledge, skill, and gamesmanship. I realize I have no credibility to post a video game column, and am using older video game equipment. Despite the obvious, I’m writing this anyway.

For Christmas, my 10-year-old son was given the new Disney Infinity 2.0. I honestly had no idea what this was when we purchased it. He wanted it, so I bought it. We purchased a few little add on characters, and a couple packages of discs, with NO knowledge or understanding as to what we were buying.

At first glance I, along with lots of other parents who commented on the Disney Infinity forum, assumed we received a faulty “pad”. You know, it’s the place where the characters stand. It would simply blink blue, and then nothing. The same thing was occurring all over the place on December 25th, while everyone was also booted offline, it seems.

However, we found out soon that the unit itself was perfectly functional. The player must complete a few steps before the actual game pad began. That would have been REALLY nice to know, Disney! There were temper tantrums all over America because of you!

Mr-Incredible-Disney-Infinity-FigureAnyway, once that particular hiccup was passed, we stumbled into an ever changing, ever growing, insanity creating, and totally addicting world. Having only been able to use the system for about 2 weeks thus far, we continue every day to learn of something new. Just recently, Mr. Incredible and I learned how to fly. It took 3 times to master, so the simplicity is there, but now I want to back track and fly on missions I have already completed.

When you begin, you are able to create your own “world” using the ToyBox that is included. You can literally create EVERYTHING. You start on a small square pad, and build to your hearts content.  You are given a myriad of screens of things to choose from to build your personal world, from castles to floating waterfalls.

Or, if you choose, there are various different story modes, based on Monsters Inc, Pirates of the Caribbean, or The Incredibles. Within these different worlds, you are given numerous different tasks to complete, which aid in your discovery of this incredible gameplay!

To play those particular worlds, you can use the characters that are assigned to that particular franchise. So, if you want to play Monsters Inc, you can either use the Sully character that is included, or purchase other characters like Mike What’s-his-name with the one big eyeball. When both characters are available, two people can play in the story modes to complete the tasks.

tink&stitch_toybox_1Each character, of course, has a different set of skills and weapons, for the lack of a better term. Sully can roar, do a shoulder block, or break out a toilet paper gun. Mr. Incredible is strong, can do a fierce upper-cut, and can cause a mini-earthquake. And then, when the right power disc is added, extra skills are available.

Now, this is a kid’s game. It is simplistic, cartoonish, and absolutely a blast to have fun with. This is not a system designed for the serious gamer. It is, however, designed to quickly milk parents out of money. If Mom and Dad play the game, they will quickly purchase more characters. And with more characters come more power discs. And on and on it goes.

Luckily the 2.0 version is absolutely compatible with the version 1.0 characters, so there are roughly 40 or so characters out there to fulfill anyone’s “collector’s addiction”, which I personally have. If you find something that interests me, and tell me there are a “collection” of them to complete a “set”, I’m breaking out the credit card. Never fails. I have immense collections of everything from baseball cards to Beanie Babies (You bought some too!).

jasmine_toy_box_1As a child of the original Nintendo era, I found the game play light and fun, and completely captivating. The lessons taught throughout the story mode continually teach you more and more about the capability of the game, thus always increasing the fun. The concept of purchasing characters both scares my wallet to death and thrills the kid in me to no end.

Having been through the MineCraft stage with my son, I found this far more fun, far more addicting, and just as limitless. So if you have the collector’s gene like I do, or are just looking for something creative and fun, give the Infinity system a try. There is a Disney option, which we purchased, and a Marvell Superhero’s version (whose characters still work in the Disney world, and vice versa). If you don’t mind to relax, waste a little time having some fun, and find yourself checking Amazon for the best price for an Anna character from Frozen, then this system is perfect for you! It’s the best game I have played since I fell in love with Metroid so long ago.

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