Monsters Present…Needle in a Film Stack #1! Snowpiercer (2014)!

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Image: IMDB
          Image: IMDB

Snowpiercer (2014)

For Fans Of: Day After Tomorrow, Mazerunner, Equilibrium

Who’s In It That You May Know: Chris Evans (Captain America)

Why You’ve Never Heard of It: After commercial success in Korea, the film was set to release in the United States. However, distributers wanted 20 minutes of the film cut while director Bong June-Ho refused. This led to a very limited release in the US.

Ok, we all know Chris Evans as the epitome of what it means to be the good guy.

As Captain America he stands up for what’s right, only uses violence when reasoning fails, and smiles like it’s a huge Crest commercial. But after all of that we finally get to see Evans as the Anti-Hero.

Snowpiercer is part sci-fi, part action, and all awesome. After a failed attempt at stopping global warming turns the world into a nuclear winter, the entire human race is nearly eliminated. A few hundred survivors are placed on a train, and much like the film Land of the Dead, the rich and poor are separated, with the former living a significantly better life than the latter.

After shoveling down protein supplement bars (the only food the poor are allowed to eat), and studying the layout of both the train and the guard posts separating the rich and poor, Curtis (Evans) devises a plan to revolt.


This movie has more action than any other film Evans has ever done, Marvel or otherwise. A mix of martial arts and street fighting led to some epic scenes that link together a very well written film.Tilda Swinton plays the antagonist voice of the rich, who puts the lower class in there place. Often threatening, she does at times use ruthless punishment (and most definitely uses the cold to her advantage).

This is a must watch for people seeking an action packed film with a good story. If anyone is looking for Captain America to drop his shield and start rioting, then check this out.

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