Colin’s Choose Your Own Adventure Chapter One!

We are always coming up with ideas here at Monsters of Geek, but this may be our most creative one yet. Colin Mullins sent me his “Choose Your Own Adventure” piece you will read below about a month ago, and I was a bit stumped on how to make it work for the site. We all read these types of interactive novels when we were kids and, at least in my opinion, they were a blast. After much thought, I’ve decided to do it his way: 

At the end of this chapter, there will be a poll with the two choices that Colin has given you. You simply vote on which one you would like to see and the one that receives the most votes will be the next part of the story we publish. 

Hope you guys enjoy the journey that Colin has created, titled Oneironaut. I’m excited he chose Monsters of Geek to share it with. 




Chapter One


Your eyes, dragged by the weight of ancient stardust, shut inch by inch. The emptiness of the void closes over your vision. Blackness goes unchallenged for what seems like eternity, until it is disturbed by the smallest of ripples. An indistinct wave bends the space around you and then flattens out again. Blue, red, and purples spots flare up and then disappear, erratic fireworks lighting up the nothingness. Laughter rolls in behind your left ear and tickles around the back of your neck until it’s coming out of your mouth, smooth and cool. It forms into a bubble and stretches away from you. You can feel it tugging at your chest, gripping it with a wet suction and leading you into the unknown.

Find Me.

The voice drifts down to you from above like warm rain. It seems familiar. Your father’s voice? No. Someone else’s.

The laughing bubble tightens its grasp and pulls you forward. It trails off to where somewhere distant you can see a faint yellow light.

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