Monsters Present…T-Rav’s Adventure in Random Geeky Stuff! 1987 GI JOE Winter Magazine!


joemag1Somebody in the 80’s had the bright idea to make magazines for kids loosely based around popular properties. The Muppets, GI Joe, and even GoBots had their own magazines. The people behind these publications tried really hard to make them real magazines and not just big advertisements for whatever was on the cover. They sort of remind me of Boy’s Life magazine (do they still make that one?).

Gi Joe magazine isn’t going to be winning any awards, but it did win me over as soon as I opened it up  and saw the video ad featuring Danger Mouse and Fraggle Rock. I need more Fraggle Rock in my life anyway.

Flipping further, we get a message from Hawk telling us what to expect in this issue (Star Trek 4!) and another ad for videos. This ad really steps up the game with double packs of videocassettes from Transformers, GI Joe, and Thundercats!

King Kong Lives gets a little write up (is that movie worth watching?). The little blurb makes it seem halfway interesting, but it isn’t  a movie anybody ever talks about these days.

There’s a big ad for a subscription to the magazine a few pages over. Seven bucks got you all four quarterly magazines and $12 bucks gets you two years! I wonder if this even lasted two years.

joemag6Skipping on over a little more and we get to some good stuff, Star Trek 4. The recent passing of Leonard Nimoy is going to stick with the nerd community for some time and there’s no better way to remember him than by looking at some of the great stuff he did. I loved Star Trek 4 and it’s time travel (all the way back to 1986!) story. It looks like GI Joe Magazine got the scoop from Nimoy himself, who directed and acted in Star Trek 4.

Next up we finally get some GI Joe content. Where I would have expected some recent (for the time) or upcoming action figures, instead there’s a story about the Joe team battling Cobra in a South American coffee field. At least they get points for originality. I don’t remember ever seeing that happen in the comics or cartoon (please correct me if I am wrong). It’s actually not a bad little 3 page story about Gung Ho, Airtight, Footloose, and Quick Kick searching for a captured Flint in South America.

The back page does finally advertise some of the toys with an ad for a set of 10 figures plus a carrying case for only $25. That price just seems totally insane nowadays. $2.50 per figure AND a carrying case thrown in too!

Finally the back cover tells you how to get the Fridge action figure for FREE! Hasbro sure knew how to sell toys in the 80’s.


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