Colin’s Choose Your Own Adventure Chapter 2: Follow the Voice!

Hey guys! Hope you enjoy the second chapter of the Colin’s Choose Your Own Adventure! As you can tell by the title of Chapter 2, the majority of readers chose to follow The Voice instead of the The Laughter! I am proud to give you the next piece in Colin’s story on this very blog!

Your EIC, 



Your muscles tighten in your legs and you raise your chin to look up into the warmly cascading voice. You jump. Like a rocket you blast upwards. The void peels away beneath you and disappears. The light of a midday sky envelops you. Its azure infinity stretches in all directions, dotted by cotton puff clouds. Your body ceases to ascend and you become weightless. Floating in the endless sky you see the clouds meld together until they take the shape of a giant arrow. Following the arrow with your eyes you see a wooden sail boat drifting lazily in the empty air. On its deck stands your mother waving at you. You wave back. The boat immediately picks up speed and begins to soar away from you. On board your mother is smiling.

The boat is flying towards a giant storm, lightning streaking its ominously black surface. The storm begins twisting downwards like a funnel until it transforms into a violent whirlwind. The wind begins blowing you backwards, away from the flying boat. Your mother is turned and does not see the storm. She is still smiling and waving. You extend your hand towards her and call out. Your mouth moves, but no sound emits from it. No words, just the shrieking wind. You try to move towards her but your feet peddle aimlessly into the air. Rain begins spraying over your body leaving you drenched, water dripping from your nose like a faucet. The boat sails into the storm and is lost from view.

You scream soundlessly until your limbs begin to shake. Something snaps inside you and your throat tears open. Blood gushes from your mouth and onto your chest. The rain washes it away and your scream echoes aloud, vibrating defiantly through the showering. The power of your scream floats in the air around you and then contracts. It coats your body in a translucent wave tingling like static electricity. You curl into a tight ball and then extend your limbs at once. A shockwave blasts in a concentric circle around you and the rain-filled air parts before your body. You are flying headlong towards the storm.

Whipping wind and torrential rain obscure your vision as you approach. Pieces of the boat are scattered and spinning wildly within the whirlwind. There is no sign of your mother. The mast and tattered sail swings towards you like a massive spear. You try to fly sideways out of its path, but it catches your flank and sends you twisting into the spiraling storm. The winds catch hold of you and begin pushing you around and upwards. You are launched uncontrollably to the top of the funnel and out over the storm. There she is, floating above the clouds her hand outstretched towards you. Her hands are worn and calloused. In her shining eyes there is sadness.

Out of the storm the pieces of the boat blast out and hover around you. They’ve become sharpened like wooden knives. You stretch your hand towards your mother. The tips of your fingers touch. The pieces launch towards you all at once. Your mother closes her eyes, her smile dissipating. She is someone else now, no longer your mother. She seems familiar, but you cannot fully recognize her. The wooden knives are almost upon you.

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