Choose Your Own Adventure Chapter 3: Take Her Hand!

Hey guys! You are now entering Chapter 3 of Colin’s original Choose Your Own Adventure! If you haven’t read the first two chapters, you can read the first entry here and the second one here. I know some of you know the drill, but for anyone new: After you read this chapter, there will be a box with your next two choice. Please vote for which direction you would like the story to go. The most popular choice will be the next chapter published. Happy reading! 

Your EIC, 



You reach out fully and grip her hand. Heat pulsates from it through your bones and then radiates from your skin. A glowing red sheen casts over your vision. You can hear her sigh softly as the heat intensifies. Her hand starts to melt and you can feel her turn into wax. She coats your body. Warmth and comfort envelop you. The wax dries and then cools slowly, leaving you cocooned inside. From inside the wax shell, you feel yourself falling. Contained by the wax you try to move but are unable. Realization strikes you like a blow to the stomach, you are trapped inside. As you fall, you can hear the rushing of air around the shell. Its sounds like a low whistling.

You wait.

With a riveting blow of concussive force you realize you’ve landed. The cocoon begins to crack little by little letting snippets of light in from pinprick holes. You smash your fists against the shell over and over again, wounds opening on your knuckles and spilling red down your arms. With one final blow your right arm tears through, shattering the wax and leaving it in a pile around your curled up body. You stand up to find yourself in the middle of a courtyard encircled by white crystal walls: a castle. The ground is composed of the same light refracting crystal. In the middle of the courtyard sits an ancient tree, entirely barren except for a lonely yellow leaf on the tip of its highest branch. The sun is setting, washing the ground and the castle walls in a red-orange glow. You squint into the fading sun, the glare eventually forcing you to turn away.

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