Our Top 20 Comic Book Movies of All-Time Starts Here!

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We here at Monsters love comic books. We also love movies as well. And as we all know these two entertainment mediums have come together numerous times to give us our favorited printed stories new life not the big screen. Some have been successful, while others have failed miserably.

Jarred came to me a couple of weeks back with the idea of doing a Top 20 list of the best that the marriage of comic books and film have give us over the years. He wanted it to be a group effort with each person giving their personal Top 20 with a scoring system in place according to those rankings to decide the final list. He did a comprehensive list of all movies that the original material came from comic books or strips. This gave us a huge list of over  The scoring system is listed below:

1- 25 points

2- 22
3 – 20
4- 18
5- 16
6 – 14
7 – 13
8- 12
9 – 11
10- 10
11- 9
12 -8
13- 7
14- 6
15- 5
16- 4
17 -3
18 -2
19- 1
20- 1

This list will cover the next two weeks on the site. The first entry will be on Thursday April 23rd with each participating contributor giving us one of their favorite films that made their personal list, but didn’t make the final cut. The rest of the schedule is as follows:

4/27: #20-#16

4/28: #15-#11

4/30: #10-#6

5/1: #5-#1

We hope you guys enjoy this list and want you to leave your opinions in the comments below telling us what comic book films that you feel are the best or even your own lists. I want to think Jarred for doing all the prep work for this. It was quite the undertaking, but is should result in one of our funniest lists to date. Also, to all of our contributors that are participating in this list: Thank you for all your hard work on this.

Best Regards,

Aaron Collier


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