Collin’s Choose Your Own Adventure Chapter 4!

Hey guys! You are now entering Chapter 4 of Colin’s original Choose Your Own Adventure! If you haven’t read the first two chapters, you can read the previous chapters by clicking on the links below. Remember all polls for past chapters are now closed:

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

I know some of you know the drill, but for anyone new: After you read this chapter, there will be a box with two story choices. Please vote for which direction you would like the story to go. The most popular choice will be the next chapter published. Happy reading!

Your EIC,



You sit down and relax.

You watch a distant flock of birds coast across the sky. With the setting sun behind them, they look like unruly blotches in an impressionistic painting. You sigh deeply and twiddle your fingers aimlessly. In front of you a door appears, black with a silver engraving of a snake eating its own tail.There is a pale light branching out of its edges and corners.

There is a change in the wind, it becomes warm and mild. A golden brown leaf drifts in the air and lands in your lap.

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