When Monsters Discuss…E3 2015! Part 2: Sony Predictions


Sony is up next for our E3 2015 predictions. How will Sony capitalize on the huge success of the Playstation 4? Collin and Aaron give their takes on everything from VR, Third Party exclusives, and mermaids. Don’t forget to leave comments on what you expect from Sony at E3 and what you want the video game giant to announce. And if you missed our Microsoft predictions you can catchup by clicking here. Enjoy! 

Collin Skeen Blog Final

Yesterday we saw even more pre-E3 annoucements—Hyrule Warriors 3DS and the first gameplay trailer for Ratchet and Clank—so here’s to hoping that Sony’s E3 conference still has some surprises.

I’m a self-proclaimed Sony fanboy, so it’s only natural that their conference is the one that I’m looking forward to most. Sony’s conference last year was a little disappointing (remember that never-ending segment on Powers?), especially compared to Microsoft’s. This year, I’m expecting to see Sony focus on three areas: Morpheus, streaming (PS Vue and PS Now), and, of course, games.

People are already reporting that Sony’s booth has a heavy focus on their upcoming VR platform, Morpheus. With Oculus being Sony’s major competition in VR—for now—the ball is in Sony’s court. Depending on how Sony prices Morpheus, I think the device has a lot of potential. If done well, I think VR could have a tremendous impact on the future of gaming and Morpheus could be one of its mass-market pioneers. Maybe we’ll even see Morpheus paired with the upcoming release of Everquest Next?

I’m going to hope that they don’t spend very much time talking about PS Vue or PS Now at all.

Now, here’s the exciting part: the games. Sony’s got a lot going for them this gen with things playing out much differently than they were back when the PS3 was released. I expect to see plenty of the big guns: Uncharted 4, Street Fighter V, Ratchet and Clank, Uncharted Collection, and maybe even a hint of Gran Turismo 7 (a Croatian site—one that has an exclusive partnership with Sony—accidentally posted a pre-order for Gran Turismo Sport on Wednesday). I also have a feeling that Sony might finally show off The Last Guardian. Wishful thinking? Maybe.

There are a lot of smaller things that I’m expecting to see at the Sony conference, too. We’ll probably get confirmation of a Western release of Tales of Zestiria on PS4, along with a US release date for Persona 5. Dark Souls III will be officially announced (although I could see this premiering at the Microsoft conference considering how Sony got Bloodborne). Level-5 will hopefully reveal their new PS4 JRPG and Yakuza 5 will be announced as being “available now” on PSN.

The more of these pre-E3 announcements that I see, the more it makes me think that we might be in for some big surprises this year. In the past, our pre-E3 info has mainly come in the form of leaks—meaning that the publishers were hoping to keep the announcements a secret until the press conferences. This year, we’re seeing more and more official announcements leading up to E3. This makes me wonder if the big publishers are doing this on purpose in order to save the real announcements until the big event. Either way, I’ve got my fingers crossed.

Aaron Blog PhotoThe Playstation 4 is literally carrying Sony right now, and Sony has restructured it’s whole business model to reflect it’s profit making machine. And who could blame them riding a golden tank that shoots money bombs straight into their bank account with all ammo provided by us gamers.

It will be interesting to see how Sony reacts to being the lead horse and what they do to sustain the momentum of the Playstation 4 in attempt to stay there. After concentrating on games when they debuted the PS4 at 2013’s E3, they decided to take more of a multimedia approach last year and, while it didn’t hurt them, it didn’t do much to capitalize on the PS4’s hype train that came roaring out of the 2013 Holiday release.

With all that being said, Sony doesn’t have much to worry about and could still go through the motions and come out richer on the other side of E3. As a PS4 owner that currently has one game in his collection (Infamous: Second Son) and hasn’t seriously used his PS4 for anything other than to catch up on Grey’s Anatomy and Daredevil (how is that for two sides of the viewing spectrum), I want Sony to be the showoff it was in 2013.

And I believe they will with more big money third party exclusives. With the aforementioned business strategy and the Capcom deal to get Street Fighter exclusive to their console, I would be shocked if they didn’t have one or two more hidden up their sleeves. The Street Fighter deal was huge, so huge that they will showcase it, which will prompt Microsoft to walk off to downtrodden music playing in the background while Capcom whispers “I’m sorry” and runs into Sony’s loving arms. And if Sony is truly throwing all it’s support on the Playstation 4 train, why wouldn’t they walk up to any publisher or developer with a wad of cash and offer to pay for most, if not all, production costs in exchange for the exclusivity. And, more importantly, who in their right mind would turn them down?

I touched on the possible return of the exclusivity war that made Nintendo and Sega heated rivals during the 1990s in our Microsoft predictions yesterday, and Sony pretty much laid the path to such a war with the Street Fighter 5 deal. If they come to this year’s E3 with one or two more big third party exclusives to go along with their established first party franchises like Uncharted and Rachet and Clank, Sony may be the walk away as the favorite to win the expo. The argument for or against third party exclusives is for another time, but there is no denying with the Capcom deal that Sony has made E3 interesting this year.

And we can’t forget the not even slightest possibility of the Final Fantasy VII remake being announced. I’m sure it’s in the same cabinet that The Last Guardian announcement and the location of the lost city of Atlantis is filed in. I hear that the cabinet is guarded by Dr. Wiley’s 8 Evil Robots and the Tupac hologram at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. And since I can’t swim, I guess it will just have to stay a rumor, but I have strong information from the mermaid society that this is indeed true. And mermaids don’t lie.

Whatever Sony has planned, it needs to continue to build on the momentum it already has and continue to put the pressure on Microsoft and Nintendo. Frontrunners can sometimes lose focus after a big lead is formed over the competition, something Sony has had pretty much done from the beginning of this chapter of the console wars. Let’s hope they continue to pick up speed and give us Playstation 4 owners a brighter future to look forward to.

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