Choose Your Own Adventure Chapter 5: Look Upon the Tree!

Hey guys! You are now entering the Final Chapter of Colin’s original Choose Your Own Adventure! If you haven’t read the first four chapters, you can read the previous chapters by clicking on the links below. Remember all polls for past chapters are now closed:

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

 So look upon the tree and happy reading!

Your EIC,



Your eyes drift back to the solitary tree. Something’s different. Draped over the branches of the tree is a person. They are wearing faded blue jeans and a light brown jacket over a simple white T-shirt. Their eyes are closed and their hair is being brushed gently by a mild breeze. Breathing shallow, their chest expands and contracts lightly. You think they might be dying. Somewhere in the distance you can hear bells chiming. You walk up to the tree as the chiming grows louder and more distinct. As you stand directly in front of the tree you realize it’s coming from the person. You look up and touch their side. There’s blood on your fingertips. You put your finger in your mouth: a metallic aftertaste. It is your own blood. It is you on the tree, and it always has been. You feel yourself balanced on the branches and look up into the setting sun. Your vision melds together in the glow, leaving the world fuzzy and indistinct.

I am Here. This Moment.

The world falls beneath you, your body floating into outer space. The planet wavers and expands splitting into two identical copies. It repeats this process continuously until the empty vacuum is filled with thousands of earths multiplying exponentially. In each you can see tiny variations in a common theme. You watch people walk their surfaces. Different people, the same people: all of them going about their day oblivious to your voyeuristic gaze. The countless earths collapse towards you and begin shrinking into the infinitesimal. They compound and hurtle into your widening eyes. You see it: all possible and actual places and times, as numerous as the sands of the Ganges. It is a kaleidoscopic cacophony of the infinite. All faces one face. A single never-ending organically cohesive whole. It builds within you until light emerges from the pores of your skin and out of your open mouth. On your forehead a third eye slowly opens and gazes into the endless universe. All things through a glass clearly. The

Word is on your lips.


You see Him. He is You. Tat tvam asi. You dream no longer.

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