Jenna’s 2015 San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) Wrap-Up Extravaganza!

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comic-con-logoAnother successfully nerdy year has gone by for San Diego Comic Con, and a lot of great things were given to nerd culture by the geek gods of Hollywood: announcements for new movies and television shows, trailers for upcoming blockbuster movies, and tons of photos and footage from celebrity guest panels that millions of us only dream about going to in person. But with the weekend wrapped up, it’s now time for this Monster to figure out what she liked best from all the leaked information and videos that came from California.

Before we list the things that I got super excited about, let’s just recap what SDCC is for those new to Nerdom and Geek Culture.

San Diego Comic Con (SDCC for short) is a multi-genre entertainment and comic convention that is held annually in San Diego – well, until 2018 anyway, when it’s rumored to be moving permanently to LA in order to handle all the fans that flock the convention – and is a four day event of exclusives, “secret” trailers, celebrity panels, and meet-and-greets. Originally starting as a one-day convention to celebrate comic books in 1970, SDCC has expanded beyond the limits of comics to include television, film, comics, cartoons, toys, and much more.

With 2015’s Comic Con having wrapped up on Sunday afternoon, there have been a lot of videos, pictures, and miscellany coming from Southern California, all I have to say is that I am super excited for what is to come in the next year.

The Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice Trailer

                                                                 Image: Forbes

First of all, the Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer? Now, I freely admit that I am more of a Marvel gal, but DC has some pretty sharp movies coming out within the next year. Although, I may be more excited for Suicide Squad than I am Batman vs. Superman, I have to say that the trailer that leaked out of SDCC – and which DC finally released to the public – looks amazing. Even if I have no idea what all is going on or why Wonder Woman is in it. Does the trailer give a lot of info regarding what the movie is about? Not really. Actually, after I watched the trailer, I kind of wonder if Batman went off the deep end. Seriously, Bruce Wayne is being all vengeful – more than normal, I think – and he wants to kill those with super-human abilities. At least I think it is those with super-human abilities.

I don’t know why he and Superman are fighting; I still don’t know how Wonder Woman fits into all of this; and I am certainly still skeptical of Ben Affleck playing Bruce Wayne. I guess it is just one of those things that I’ll have to wait to see the movie before I can truly make an adequate opinion on it.

The Deadpool Trailer


The Deadpool trailer also gave me something excited to squee over when the leaked footage from Hall H began making it’s rounds on YouTube and Facebook. Ever since this movie was announced, I could only hope that it would follow with how Wade Wilson really acted in the Marvel comic series, and it looks like my wishes came true.
Deadpool is certainly a movie that deserves its R rating because of the violence and language, and from what the bad cam quality video showed, Wilson can see past the 4th wall and knows he’s in a movie. It also keeps the great humor that Wade Wilson has in the comics, and personally, I cannot wait to see how Ryan Reynolds portrays him in this Marvel produced movie versus the Fox version of Wilson from X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

I just wonder if Wilson will know who Stan Lee really is should he make that cameo appearance that we so long to see in the movies based on Marvel comics.

The Agents of SHIELD and Agent Carter Casts Dubsmash War

Peggy Carter Shield

Known best for her portrayal of Agent Peggy Carter in Captain America: The First Avenger and on ABC’s Agent Carter, actress Hayley Atwell loves social media, and has recently become engrossed in what could possibly be described as the world’s most irritating/enthralling (you pick the adjective) posting craze: Dubsmash.

Now, if you follow Hayley on her Twitter account (@HayleyAtwell), you know that she has posted several Dubsmash videos featuring her and several of her friends. Most notably, this past weekend Hayley and, her Agent Carter co-star, James D’arcy took on Clark Gregg and Chloe Bennett from Agents of SHIELD – who also spend time doing videos for the current craze – in a battle that rocked social media.

It began innocently enough, with Bennett and Gregg lip-syncing to “It Takes Two” by Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock; then Atwell and D’arcy came back with the Oompa Loompa song from Willy Wonka, “Love Shack” by the B-52s, followed by Taylor Swift’s “Trouble” (with goat scream). Not to be outdone, Bennett and Gregg come back with Rhianna’s “B***h Better Have My Money,” which was filmed spectacularly on a moving bus, presumably from venue to venue at the convention. What should have been the killer blow to the competition was when Team Atwell commandeered Bennett’s own hit song, “Uh Oh”; however, the entire cast of Agents of SHIELD came together to create a jaw dropping performance of Queen’s “We are the Champions” that led Clark Gregg to end the video dressed as Agent Carter herself.

It was magical.

Hayley Atwell and James D’arcy graciously accepted their defeat, even though the Agents of SHIELD and Agent Carter feud lives on as the very last video shows team vs. team lip syncing Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood.”

This series of videos just goes to show how much I want to know these individuals in real life so we could become great friends. It seems that it’s not really all work and no play for either cast of Marvel’s network shows.

UPDATE! In a surprising new twist, the Agent Carter team recruited none other than my love, Chris Evans, to drop a final bomb on Team SHIELD. Because of the enlistment of Captain America himself, this Monster dubs Team Carter winners of the SDCC dubsmash war.


If you happen to follow me on Twitter (@NerdGirlJen), then you know that I love live-tweeting Agents of SHIELD on Tuesdays and Arrow on Wednesdays. So, it’s natural to say that I was very anxious to see what the Arrow cast, writers, and producers would pull from their sleeves this year.

I am very happy to say that all my expectations were met when Stephen Amell came out on stage wearing his new costume as his new Green Arrow persona. Now, I’m not typically one to go crazy over a super heroes costume – Captain America notwithstanding – but I love, love, LOVE the new costume that Oliver Queen will wear in season 4. It’s still leather, which appeals to a lot of women on the Arrow Facebook page; however, instead of the total body armor that was seen in previous seasons, this new outfit looks more like the one that Oliver Queen of the Green Arrow comics wears.

It was also said that with this costume change that Oliver, in this season, is going to be more like comic book Oliver: more sass and more light-heartedness, less brooding. I hope, anyway (I really do hope so because brooding Oliver wasn’t very fun; especially when he kept saying that he could never be happy or have a normal life because of his quest to save the city).

But it wasn’t only the new costume that had me so excited, because after listening to the panel with the cast, writers, and producers of the show commenting on what we can expect from this next season, I am super anxious to see what is going to happen in Season 4.

First of all, Diggle’s getting a costume! Which makes sense, you know. Everyone else has their secret identity except Diggle, and he’s got a family now, so he needs to protect himself and his identity. There’s not been any mention to what the outfit will look like, or if he becomes one of the characters from the comics, but I am sure there’s a reason that he is such a predominant character in the plotline of the show (Other than to introduce a completely different Suicide Squad to watchers that won’t be in the movie…).

Another high point for me was the writers saying that the females of the show will definitely be stronger this season than previously. Now, don’t get me wrong, each female is already strong in her own right; however, I can’t wait to see what is in store for Felicity, Laurel, and Thea (Especially Felicity; poor girl went through the ringer in Season 3. I can see why she was a little weaker in character and strength than the previous two seasons – I mean, losing the love of your life one is hard, but twice? I’m ready to definitely see how she grows this coming season because as much as I love my girl, she kind of got on my nerves last season when she wasn’t being a technological badass).

One thing from the panel that really has me thinking is the announcement that the overall theme in Season 4 is “family.” Of course, this is a theme that can go in many different directions if one wants to really delve deeper into possible plot scenarios. Maybe it explored the family dynamic that is featured between various characters in the show: Diggle with his family; Oliver and his relationship with Thea; Oliver and his relationship with Felicity; Laurel and Detective Lance; or it could be about new character – Damien Dhark – and the favorite fan theory that he is Felicity’s father. It could potentially be about Oliver and Felicity’s new domestic bliss, which was a very prominent motif in interviews over the weekend. It could be about how Team Arrow forms a family unit. Or maybe Oliver’s son – that he still has no idea about – will play a key role in this season. So many possibilities!

So there you have it, that’s my list of things that excited me at SDCC. Although I may have not been in attendance at this year – or have plans to attend any time in the near future due to finances – I was able to stay tuned into the hot topics that made San Diego Comic Con go nuts and cause my Facebook feed to explode with photos and videos.

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