Monsters Present…The Spinner Rack #3! Wytches #1-#6!

Wytches spinner

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I think by now you, as readers, know that I love horror, be it books, movies or games. I love it. I read horror comics and I’m even working on my own. I quickly realized how hard it is to set the mood of a comic. You don’t want to show too much too early because you will give everything up. You want to give the reader just enough to keep their interest peaked.

Well, Scott Snyder is a master of not giving things up. Wytches is a modern day Horror masterpiece! The storytelling is fresh and original, and the art is stunning!

Jock/Image Comics

Lucy, Charlie, and Sailor make up the Rooks, a family that suffers from horrific tragedies. Each one is recovering from a separate incident: Lucy is a doctor, that was paralyzed in a car accident, and Charlie, who is the driving force of the story, is a writer and recovering alcoholic that is working on the second novel in his young adult series. They move to a small town in hopes to help their daughter, Sailor, recover from the mysterious death of her former school’s bully . They move only to find out that their family has a horrible secret.

Wytches may be the scariest comic I’ve read. My favorite part of the comic is at the beginning. The definition of witch is on the first page. Okay, sweet, we are going to get a story about witches. Flip the page, we see the definition scratched out. I automatically knew these aren’t the witches I was familiar with.

Snyder keeps the reader on the edge of their seats by only providing enough information that you want to keep reading. He makes you grow more involved because you start caring for the Rooks. You see a father that hasn’t been the best, and you see him try hard to make up for those times. You grow close to Sailor because you see what she has been through.

Jock/Image Comics

Jocks art style is spot on for this story. It almost seems that the book came to him in a nightmare and he just copied the frames of it on to the pages. Hollingworth’s coloring is amazing. He sets the mood perfectly with his paint splatters on the page, and when a more intense scene happens the more intense the paint splatters. This leaves you and your imagination to stare into the splatters trying to see what is going on.

As the reader,  you can’t put it down. You want more! Good thing Snyder/Jock/Hollingsworth are already working on issue #7. For $9.99 you can pick up volume one and it is worth more than that.

The movie rights are already picked up by Plan B Entertainment, which could be one of the best horror movies in a long time.

Wytches gets a 10 in my book and I’m excited for the movie as well as the next issues to be published.

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