Robin Fears the Walking Dead! Episodes #1-#3!

Hey guys! This is your Editor-in-Chief, Aaron! This is our new weekly look at Fear the Walking Dead by our newest contributor Robin Collins! This is your friendly SPOILER warning so you won’t write hate mail to us. Enjoy! – Aaron Collier/Editor-in-Chief

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Fear the Walking logoFear the Walking Dead is the new Walking Dead spin-off on AMC. We are picking up as the apocalypse is starting, this time in LA instead of Georgia. People are “getting sick” and becoming violent in 5 states. That’s the information we are presented with in the first episode.

I’ll be doing an in-depth review every week about that week’s episode. Since we are 3 episodes in, let’s get started.

Main Characters

Fear the Walking Dead Cast (1)

Madison Clark: School guidance counselor and mom to Alisha and drug-addicted Nick.

Travis Manawa: Father to Chris, boyfriend to Madison Clark and ex-husband to Liza Ortiz.

Daniel Salazar: Barber shop owner and husband of Griselda Salazar. Together they have one daughter, Ofelia. They are forced to leave their shop after taking in the Manawas, saving them from a violent riot in downtown LA.

Fear the Walking dead group
                             Photo: AMC

I hear people complain that the pilot was “slow”, but it has to be. We need to meet these characters and watch the world slowly fall apart. But, I will say that by episode two, things are moving much faster and by Sunday’s episode three, the lights go out. All of this in a span of about a day and a half.

It’s clear that only three characters know that what’s happening is the beginning of the end. First, Tobias is caught in school with a knife. He’s clearly trying to prepare himself for protection. He is trying to warn Madison that something is happening and the deep impact it will have. Later, we see him stocking up food from the school cafeteria and again letting Madison know that this is going to “last for a while”.

Our 2nd character in the know is drug-addicted son of Madison, Nick. He started the series in a drug house, looking for and finding his girlfriend dead and eating another person. Running from the house and the sight of his bloody girlfriend sporting a knife in her chest, he gets hit by a car. From that point, he ends up at home with his parents trying to detox. I think this situation will follow us for the entire first season. Running out of medication for weaning him and trying to find something else.

Photo: AMC
                          Photo: AMC

The last character whom has clearly seen a zombie movie before, Daniel Salazar, barber shop owner in downtown LA gives the best quote thus far, “It’s already too late.” I love how this moment comes seconds after Madison and Travis agree it will be all better now that the troops have taken over the neighborhood.

There are more characters and storylines we are learning about, and while I can’t possibly get into each one here in the debut blog, we will be following and exploring these complicated relationships each week. It’s clear that we will be scavenging for food and drugs soon. In addition to detoxing Nick, Mr. Salazar’s wife has been wounded, possibly causing her a slow death from infection or the inability to escape a walker. I don’t foresee her making it this entire season. I’m wondering if they will stay in Madison’s home for the season or if they will try to make their way out? And most of our characters are still in denial.  At the end of episode three all of our main characters are staying in Madison’s home, forced to stay by the armed forces.

I love this show. We’ve already seen lots of action. Mass zombie bites, neighbor and co-worker walkers, and a riot. The power is out over the entire city, possibly more. We’ve learned that a walker must be killed by a wound in the head and we have suspicions that the “sick” are actually “dead”. I personally loved the drive-by of the hospital.

My Prediction: That the group will leave and meet back up with Tobias in the school at some point.

Now for my favorite part of the FTWD blog, funny memes. I take no credit for these. Enjoy!

[Editor’s Note: If you have a funny meme to share please send it to! Please only submit ones with clean language. You know…for the kiddos!]

Fear the Dead Meme Week 1

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