Robin Fears the Walking Dead! Episode #4!

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Fear the Walking logoIt’s no surprise that I love all things post-apocalyptic; I am digging FTWD so much right now! Even without zombies, I am loving all this tension as society falls and as the military control will soon follow.

Episode #4 Recap:

At the end of episode three, it would appear as if troops have come to save the day! YAY!

Episode four…psych!

Fear ep 4
Photo: AMC

It’s been 9 days since the lights went out. These troops are holding this neighborhood captive and their rules are already being enforced. It appears to be safe, but as we have learned time and time again on The Walking Dead: kill the dead, fear the living. We know that there are 11 other “safe zones” like theirs. So, Nick is stealing drugs from a dying neighbor on morphine. Liza isn’t actually a nurse. Is Alisha tattooing herself? Ugh, who cares, she’s my least favorite character. Ofelia is hooking up with a troop, but I think only for medicine for her mom. Chris sees someone reflecting light outside the gate. The troops say there is nothing living outside and they went door-to-door.

Later, Madison verifies that there must be someone outside the gate, so she goes to see for herself. What she finds instead is what looks like a war zone. Not only zombies dead, but the living, too. It looks like they tried to defend themselves and were shot dead in the streets. Madison confides in Daniel Salazar about what she saw outside the gate. We learn a little more about his past and again he delivers a great quote, “He said that men do these things not because of evil, they do evil because of fear. And at that moment I realized my father is a fool for believing there’s a difference.”

One of the residents in the neighborhood takes off, leaving his family behind. The government is sending in a doctor to do house calls. The episode ends when troops burst into Madison’s home in what appears to be the middle of the night to take Griselda to the hospital to give her a life-saving surgery on her leg. But, wait! Daniel Salazar, her husband, was supposed to go with her. Instead they insist there is only one other name on the list. Nick! They snatch him up by force and leave the neighborhood. Liza (again, NOT a nurse) leaves voluntarily to help others who are sick or hurt.

OK, so let’s speculate. We know the government is up to no good. Who is giving these troops their orders? It will only be a matter of time before that system breaks down, if it hasn’t started the process already. Will our main characters be able to escape before then? Where did our neighbor go? The troops said they caught him, if that’s true, he’s surely dead.

fear episode 4 1
Photo: AMC

Right now, they are still receiving electricity, but even that has started to become a bit unreliable. How much longer will the “grid” be effective? Will that be the neighborhood’s breaking point? They are already so restless with what little bit they have been allowed.

Madison is at her breaking point, running around trying to be everyone’s everything. I think she is going to be hanging up that hat and consulting with Daniel Salazar. She will expect him to be the leader, rather than boyfriend Travis. This could be the downfall of that relationship; however, it’s clear that Travis does not have what it takes to lead his family and others in the apocalypse.

Liza is going to be in a world of hurt. First, her decision to tell the government’s doctor that Nick was a junkie caused his capture. Madison knows this and is justifiably furious. Second, she leaves her son to go help others. She has to know she might not come back. She is sacrificing what little time she may have with him to go help others. FOR THE LAST TIME, this woman is not a nurse. Why would you do this? Her son is clearly hurt by her departure.


Orders from “headquarters” will stop coming, as will rations and medications. Our group will remain separated for a few more episodes. I think Nick will end up sacrificing himself to save Griselda. Tobias is at the medical center (get ready folks, I’m going to predict he is somewhere every single time I blog. That joker can’t run fast, so he’s going to need the help of a herd. I also think he has a lot to offer. Can’t wait to see him again).

The Walkers get into the gate where Madison cut it to sneak out of the fence. I anticipate we will lose some characters next week, probably not our main ones. The family of the neighbor that tried to leave will die and we find out what happened to them. Plans form on how to escape what is now the fallen military. Ofelia’s “boyfriend” finds out that she was using him and still sacrifices himself to allow their escape.

One last reflection, did anyone notice the biblical reference? Rev 21:4 was shown on the neighborhood’s gate. It is also on a sign posted outside the neighborhood when Madison goes exploring. Revelation 21:4 reads, “He will wipe away every tear from their eyes. Death will no longer exist; grief, crying and pain will exist no longer, because the previous things have passed away.”


Tobias meme

Johnny Depp meme
It’s no secret, this guy looks just like Johnny Depp! Hard to believe he played young Voldemort in the Harry Potter series!

2 thoughts on “Robin Fears the Walking Dead! Episode #4!

  1. I am so excited to see where this show will take us, even though there are only two episodes left for this season. I agree with the predictions and I too want to know who is giving these orders to the this blog so far!

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