Robin Fears the Walking Dead! Episode 5 – “Cobalt”

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Fear the Walking logoEpisode #5 Recap

The Feast

We open with a new character, unnamed, self described as “The Closer”. He can acquire items. We are in a large open space where recently a make shift army jail has been created. “The Closer” is in a gated cell with Nick. We don’t learn his name or why he was locked up, but we know he is making deals with the guards and, we later learn, he even possesses a key to escape. He saves Nick from going “downstairs” so Nick will owe him.

Ofelia is losing it over her mom and takes her troop boyfriend to her dad in hopes they can exchange him for her mother’s return. Instead, Daniel Salazar tortures him and asks him the question we’ve been asking all week: What is Cobalt? Madison is fully aware what Daniel is doing to the troop, which outrages Travis, but we find out that Cobalt is a command code EVAC procedure for the military. Civilians are scheduled for humane termination as early as the following morning.

The Scraps

  • Chris and Alesha trash a house.
  • Travis is unable to kill a walker.
  • Griselda dies.
  • Liza works in the hospital and gives the postmortem blow to the brain to Griselda.
  • Ofelia pouts.

Questions and Predictions

We know Madison will make the tough choices in this new world now, and Travis will not. The wedge of humanity is widening the gap in Travis and Madison’s relationship.

Daniel Salazar seems to have already survived hard times comparable to the current situation, but how will he handle Walkers?

Ofelia can’t un-see what her father has done and will struggle with this reality of her remaining parent for the unforeseeable future.

Will our neighborhood crew find and attempt to break out Nick and “The Closer” from the prison AND find Liza? And what’s left of Griselda in the hospital? Is there enough time? Will the government drop a bomb or just withdraw their protection? I think a bomb is coming.

How far has the sickness spread? Will there be areas untouched that they can, or will, seek refuge in?

Who is our new character? I’m so excited about him. What an asset to this new world. He sees potential in Nick since the world will be playing by the “old rules” in which a heroine addict has a valuable skill set. I think they will make it out in plenty of time and meet up with the neighborhood group before the bomb.

Do you have a theory or question about the this episode or the show in general? Leave them in the comments!


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