The Star Wars Universe’s Blue Man! The Story of Blue Snaggletooth’s Action Figure Rarity!


blue snag 4
Photo: Travis Giles

Blue Snaggletooth. He’s a funny named alien from the days when the first Star Wars movie was just known as Star Wars, not Episode 4 or A New Hope. Blue Snaggletooth was one of the many patrons of Chalmun’s Cantina on Mos Eisley, or was he?

Ignoring all the stories that have been created on the background aliens in the Star Wars films over the past 30- years, we can say that Blue Snaggletooth was not at the famous Cantina on the fateful day when Han shot Greedo.

(Off topic: Han didn’t shoot first. Han was the only one to shoot. )

In fact, Blue Snaggletooth didn’t even exist at all until Kenner mistakenly created his action figure in 1978, a year after the release of the movie, but Blue Snaggletooth should have been Red Snaggletooth.

Actually he should have just been Snaggletooth and none of us were to have ever needed a color to differentiate the two. Kenner was given a black and white photograph that only showed part of Snaggletooth’s costume. They had to make the rest up and the end result was a tall alien wearing a blue suit with gloves and boots. They put this figure in a Sears exclusive Cantina playlet (Yep, Sears. The world sure has changed).

Later, designers realized their mistake and fixed the problems. The new Snaggletooth was short with a red suit and hairy hands and feet. This figure was released in later runs of the cantina playset. He was also sold as a single figure, something that was never done with Blue Snaggletooth. Blue was only available in the playset and that was only for a short time which has led the tall, blue, and handsome Snaggletooth to become one of the more sought after figures for collectors. It’s true rarity, however, is up for question.

Blue Snag 1
Photo: Travis Giles

Sure, he fetches a pretty decent price for a lone figure with one accessory (a blaster pistol), but there’s no shortage of Blue Snaggletooths (Snaggleteeth?) on Ebay, but he’s still going to set you back a nice big bill. You can easily get $100 for one that isn’t in too rough of shape and on a good day you can get in the neighborhood of $200 for a nice looking Blue Snaggletooth with his blaster.

I got a custom card for mine a few years ago which really makes it stand out. I usually prefer my toys opened up so I can look at them, but I have to admit the Blue Snaggletooth looks great carded on the wall, especially with the large scale version from Gentle Giant.

While he’s definitely not the rarest vintage Star Wars figure, that honor possibly goes to Vlix from the Ewoks cartoon, Blue Snaggletooth is a nice looking semi-rare figure that is actually pretty easy to get ahold of and can become a striking centerpiece to a Star Wars collection.

Blue Snag 3
Photo: Travis Giles
Blue Snag 2
Photo: Travis Giles

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