Yeti’s 2015 Netflix Horror Movie Guide!

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[Editor’s Note: This list mostly contains movies with an R rating and deals with subjects that are not suitable for anyone under 18-years of age. You have been warned! Happy Halloween! If you want some family friendly movies for Halloween, go check out our list by clicking here.]

It’s that time of year again: crisp air, leaves falling, pumpkins and mums everywhere. But to me it’s the season of blood curling screams, knife wielding psychopaths, demonic houses, and screaming at the television! IT’S HALLOWEEN!!

Every year I make a list consisting of close to a 100 horror and psychological thrillers. Some of my favorites and others I haven’t seen. It’s my pleasure to give you the top movies of that list.

Remember to check your closet and under your beds, lock your windows, and chain up your doors!


Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror

If you’re a fan of horror, then you’ve probably seen this silent classic. This movie had a bit of history to it. All copies were supposed to be destroyed by court order, when Bram Stoker’s heirs sued, but a couple copies were saved and we have one of the most influential horror movies ever.

If you’ve not seen it, or even if you have, it’s a great way to start your day or end your night right. Nosferatu is the movie that started me on the path of enjoying the horror genre .

Blair Witch

The Blair Witch Project (R)

You remember when Paranormal Activity came out? The market strategy was to make people think it was real? People did think that. Well 8 years earlier, The Blair Witch Project did that exact same thing. The strategy made it into a horror staple on many people’s list.

Three student filmmakers go into the Black Hills Forest in Maryland to investigate a local legend. They didn’t know that the legend’s 18th century spirit may be the last thing they would ever document.

The Babadook

The Babadook (R)

This movie will have you on the edge of your seat. When a widowed mother finds a book about a shadow lurking monster, she thinks it will help her son get over his fears. What she did not know is the book released a sinister presence into their house. Have fun watching the Babadook!


Scream (R)

Sidney’s mother was murdered a year ago, and she is learning of 2 new killings in her small town of Woodsboro. The Killer starts picking off people one by one causing the town to go into a state of fright. She can’t help but feel these killings are related to her mothers.

Wes Craven was one of the most brilliant minds in horror. Scream single handedly resurrected the slasher movies, and Craven made another epic horror story.

Here Comes

Here Comes the Devil (R)

The parents of two young children try to figure why they have been acting so weird. It may have something to do with the creepy cave they went into! Get ready to feel the dread build from start to finish.

Adrián García Bogliano is a wonderful new mind to have in the horror world. Each story he weaves is something different.

The Den

The Den (R)

We all know that internet chat sites are full of pervs and weirdos, but Liz is going find a whole darker side. In this found footage movie, Liz gets a grant to study the social effects of chat rooms. She soon gets in over her head and discovers the darker side of The Den. When her account gets hacked she will become witness to something bigger.

Much like last year’s Conspiracy that made the list, The Den starts a bit slow, so give it time to build. It’s well worth the watch and will make you stay off those creepy chat sites.

Put your costumes on, grab a bowl of snacks and have yourself a very frightful Halloween! And if you need music for after, check out my Halloween Playlist on Spotify!

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