Monster Lists! Yeti’s January Highlights and February’s Most Anticipated!

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I love having the last post of this month. It allows me to look back on what I enjoyed in January and highlight a few as I look forward to February.

In January…

UT Outback Bowl champ
Photo: WBIR

Tennessee beats Northwestern in the Outback Bowl! January opened up with a bang! I got to watch the Tennessee Volunteers put a good woodshed beat down on Northwestern on New Year’s Day. The Vols had a lot of growing up to do this year as they lost some close games, and seeing them beat Northwestern 45-6 makes me feel like we got over the curb.


The Magicians
Image: SYFY

The Magicians TV Series! I enjoyed Levi Grossman’s The Magicians Trilogy when the books came out. I DVR’d the first two episodes and was not disappointed. I think SyFy is going to have a great show on their hands and a show you should check out! The Magicians airs Mondays at 9pm.


Picture: WWE

AJ Styles debuting in WWE! AJ made his debut at the Royal Rumble coming in at #3. When Styles came out the crowd erupted, it was the biggest pop since Sting debuted in WWE. He made his Raw debut on Monday with a match from the wrestling gods: Styles vs Jericho. Styles showed the WWE why he was the most sought after wrestling free agent. Now if WWE will move up Samoa Joe and we can have the greatness of a Styles/Joe feud performed on the biggest stage.

Hello February!

Deadpool movie
Image: Fox

Deadpool! The biggest thing I can’t wait for…chimichanga!! The Deadpool movie comes out on the most romantic weekend of the year. I’ll be going on a chimichanga run before going to the theater. Deadpool comes to the big screen on the February 12th.


Image: Campo

Fire Watch! I’ve been waiting for this game for quite some time. In this first person game, you play as Henry, a volunteer fire watcher in the year 1989. You go on a routine patrol and come back to find your station has been broken into. As you explore, you pick up more of the storyline. However, my favorite part is your only communication with your boss is on a walkie talkie. The choices you make while talking to her ultimately determines the relationship you have. Fire Watch hits the PS4 on February 9th.


Far Cry Primal
Image: Ubi-Soft

Far Cry Primal! I can not wait to play this game. Primal gives us a look at the Mesolithic Age. You play as Takkar in an open world where you’re not top of the food chain. With mammoths, Sabertooth Tigers, and other tribes threatening your existence,  you must gather items, craft weapons, hunt, and learn to make fire to survive. This game has all the makings of a Game of the Year candidate! Far Cry Primal comes out on PS4 and Xbox One on February 23rd.

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