Monsters of Geek Podcast Episode #3: Geeks Unite!

[Editor’s Note: Sorry for the delay on posting this here on the site. I thought I did and, as you can see, I didn’t. We will have a new episode out tomorrow, but listen to #3 to get you warmed up!Aaron/EIC]

Monsters of Geek Assemble!

The full team is here! Aaron, Yeti, Jarred, and Andrew are all in the action packed Episode #3!

The crew talks about the key releases for next week in Video Games, Movies, and Comic Books.

They talk about Wolverine 3 and the Blu-ray cut of Superman v. Batman carrying an R rating; Nintendo’s announcement of two new Pokemon titles for the 3DS: Pokemon Sun and Moon; The return go Shane McMahon and his roll at Wrestlemania 33; Take Two coming back to E3 for 2016!

It’s a jam packed show with a full team of super geeks! Come join us!

Listen to us on Spreaker here!

Or subscribe to us on iTunes here!

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