When Monsters…RE-Draft: 2006 NFL Draft! (Picks #9-#16)

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Our Re-Drafters continue on through the middle of the first round with pick #9-#16! Don’t forget to checkout picks #1-#8 by clicking here!

The Re-Drafters


9 Lions Whitworth (1)
Picked By: Reid
Original Pick: LB Ernie Sims (FSU)

The Lions were desperate for stars. They drafted WR after WR with only one (Roy Williams) panning out. When the Lions drafted Sims, they thought they were getting the next Ray Lewis. He was destorying offenses at Florida State. Sadly for Sims, the pro game was too fast paced for him. He was also undersized making him very ineffective.

They were so concerned with acquiring exciting players, that they ignored the one under their nose.

Running back Kevin Jones was drafted in 2004, and was well on his way to being a star in the NFL. To this day he is one of only two Lions players to rush for 1,000 yards or more since Barry Sanders retired. Jones career ended quickly due to injuries. Injuries that could have been avoided if he had a better line in front of him.

Enter Whitmore. Since coming entering the league, Whitmore has been selected to two Pro Bowls and been named an All-Pro four different times. He has paved the way for four 1,000 backs and having this guy could have launched Jones into the next level.


Nick Mangold 10 (1)
Picked By: Aaron
Orignal Pick: QB Matt Leinart (USC)

We all know how bad Matt Leinart was in Arizona. He just didn’t fit the high flying offense led by the Cardinal’s dynamic duo at wide receiver, Anquan Bolden and Larry Fitzgerald. When given his shot for the starting job, Leinart failed miserably and Kurt Warner won the staring job and the rest is history.

The biggest issue this team had was running the ball. They finished the entire season with only 1138 total rushing yards. Twelve running backs out rushed the entire Arizona Cardinal team in 2005. Go ahead. Read it again. I’ll wait. TWELVE!

The Cardinals needed a running back, but at this point there isn’t one that would actually help them run the ball effectively. Sorry Reggie (again), but you are still waiting in the green room giving ESPN all the drama they can handle. Instead, I will go with the not-so-sexy pick and with the best offensive lineman on the board, center Nick Mangold.

Mangold could become the general of the offensive line just like he did, and still does, for the New York Jets. 2001 first round pick Leonard Davis would end up leaving after the 2006 season and that would leave Mangold to become the anchor of an offensive line that played on roller skates during the 2005 season. Some may see this as too high to take a center, but Mangold’s 7x Pro Bowl and 2x First Team All-Pro selections tell me Arizona’s lucky this kid fell back this far.


11 Denver Williams (1)
Picked By: Daniel
Original Pick: QB Jay Cutler (Vanderbilt)

Mike Shanahan and the 2006 Broncos selected Jay Cutler in a pick that I loved then. I thought it was a very good marriage of talent to coach, but it didn’t work out for whatever reasons. Cutler is already gone here, and I don’t see Vince Young or Matt Leinart finding success even with Shanahan. The Broncos also still had quarterback Jake Plummer on the roster, who was more than serviceable.

Shanahan could seemingly find running backs while in line at Wal-Mart during his days in Denver, but I think the success found there was due more to the zone blocking scheme than to the running backs. Many of the ball carriers for Denver post Terrell Davis weren’t great athletically. This pick goes outside of the norm for what Denver and Shanny’s ideology was then, but I believe Deangelo Williams had the size, patience, and vision to be a superstar for Shanahan. What separates him from the other runners Shanahan had is that he is a high caliber athlete as well. This could have been beautiful.


cromartie ravens 12 (1)
Picked By: Joe
Original Pick: Haloti Ngata (Oregon)

With a group of aging defensive backs that included Deion Sanders and Dale Carter, with both playing in almost every game of 2005 season, the Ravens needed a dose of youth in the secondary, to go with their premier cornerback Chris McAlister. Raven’s General Manager Ozzie Newsome, needed to look no further than Florida State CB Antonio Cromartie. This pick would give the Ravens a duo of big, physical, and game changing defenders to cover the back end of their terrorizing front seven. You also get a Pro-Bowl caliber corner to replace McAlister who was entering his 8th year as a Raven in 2006. The selection of Cromartie would allow the Ravens to transition from a former Pro-Bowler to a future one without any problems.

The Ravens will always be remembered for their remarkable defenses, and picking Cromartie would continue to build on that foundation and give them a true playmaker in the defensive backfield.


13 Browns Ryans (1)

Picked By: Reid
Original Pick: DE Kameron Wimbely (FSU)

The benefit of drafting for the Browns is you can really pick anyone. They could use anyone, at any position. It was true then and now.

They chose a fast, but very undersized Wimbely with the 13th pick in ’06. While he had a successful rookie campaign with 11 sacks, offenses quickly figured him out and he became a non-factor as the years went on.

DeMeco Ryans became a tackling machine out of the gate. His presence not only would have brought a tougher all-around defense in Cleveland, but it would have brought more free agents in as they have struggled to find anyone willing to play there. Along with second round pick D’Qwell Jackson they could have been linebacking duo that we haven’t seen in some time.


14 Philly Dumervil (1)
Picked By: Aaron
Original Pick: DT Brodrick Bunkley (FSU)

After falling short in Super Bowl XXXIX against the New England Patriots, the Eagles had high hopes for a return to the “Big Game” in 2005. With a stacked offense led by QB Donavon McNabb, WR Terrell Owens, and RB Brian Westbrook. Philly fans had hope this team would make it back-to-back Super Bowl appearances.

However, “hope” doesn’t exist in Philly, and 2005 was a car wreck for the Eagles: Owens’ ego decided to take center stage, McNabb going down for half the year with an injury, and a total of 8 starters that lost all or part of the season including All-Pro RB Brian Westbrook and CB Lito Sheppard. They started 3-1, but the mounting injuries took their toll and the team finished 6-10.

Even though Philadelphia (literally) limped into the 2006 NFL Draft, they still had a ton of talent ready to return with very few holes to fill. In short, their roster didn’t look like one that finished 6-10. However, after looking at the roster, I decided to focus on the two major weaknesses of this team: Defensive line and wide receiver.

After releasing Owens, there is no arguing that the team needed a receiver that had game breaking potential. In my mind Brandon Marshall was the only WR worthy enough of that tag and he didn’t make it past #8 in this draft and rightfully so.

My attention refocused on the defensive line. Instead of taking a tackle at this pick, I went a little further down the defensive line and chose Louisville defensive end Elvis Dumervil. Dumervil became one of the most feared pass rushers in the league accumulating 96 sacks, leading the league in 2009 with 17 while in Denver, and became a 5 time Pro-Bowl selection. With Jevon Kearse approaching 30-years-old coupled with losing budding DE Derrick Burgess and veteran DT Corey Simon to free agency, Dumervil would become the explosive defensive player on the line of scrimmage the Eagles needed then and the centerpiece to build around for future defensive units.


15 Rams Joseph (1)

Picked By: Daniel
Original Pick: CB Tye Hill (Clemson)

The 2006 version of the St. Louis Rams had a very intriguing roster that had some great young talent as well as some aging superstars – Orlando Oace, Isaac Bruce and Torry Holt. Scott Linehan was at the helm and tasked with trying to squeeze as much as he could from the aging vets. Quarterback Marc Bulger and workhorse running back Steven Jackson kept the offense moving and while “The Greatest Show on Turf” may have already left town, the offense left behind still had some firepower.

The Rams picked cornerback Tye Hill of Clemson to help bolster their porous secondary. Hill was a workout warrior, and had the look of an above average pro, but his career was cut short by injuries. For re-draft purposes, I believe the Rams had the correct idea but they just picked a guy who had some bad luck. Jonathan Joseph would bring them the consistency they needed at cornerback by being a guy who could consistently be counted on week to week to do an above average job on the opposition’s best receiver.


Donte Whitner 2 (1)

Picked By: Joe
Original Pick: S Jason Allen (Tennessee)

Miami looks to lock up the safety position for years to come. The best safety in the ’06 draft has fallen to them in the re-draft. With the youngest person on the defense being 23-years-old and feeling like they could strengthen the QB position in free agency (Chad Pennington),  drafting Whitner gives them a safety that can easily provide great defense on the back end. With a superstar pick at #16, the Dolphins can continue to build a young nucleus.

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