149 Thoughts Jenna Had While Watching “Captain America: Civil War” (And a Few to Grow On)!

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It’s not often that I don’t have random thoughts flitter through my head while watching a movie, or watching a television show; honestly, it’s why I live-tweet (@NerdGirlJen). But, I especially had some thoughts while I watched Captain America: Civil War: 149 (plus) to be exact.

  1. Oh.. This guy’s Hydra. Hail Hydra. Wait, no Jenna, don’t say that. You’re #TeamCap this movie, and there’s plenty of time for Hailing Hydra when you meet Grant Ward (Brett Dalton) at DragonCon.
  2. Wait. What’s that book? Oh, it’s got a star on it. Are we getting to see Bucky now?cw2
  3. *Sees Bucky in cryogenic chamber* Oh, my poor baby! What have they done to you?
  4. Bucky’s screams are simply breaking my heart, and I need to go break some faces for causing his distress.
  5. What’s the dude saying in the background? Those are just random a—- Oh! That’s his brainwash code! What’s it mean? [Author Note: I later realized that they weren’t random, but each holds a pretty specific meaning in Bucky’s life. For more info, read this post for what the phrases could mean.
  6. Ready to comply? What, did Whitehall do his brainwashing?
  7. What’s the significance of December 16, 1991?
  8. Well, the strange blue liquid is either GH325 or a Super Soldier Serumcw3
  9. Sorry, Wanda, but you need a manicure, STAT.
  10. Hey! I know those buildings! That’s Atlanta!
  11. Ohh.. Black Widow’s got some major snark for so early in the movie. We really need a BW movie.
  12. I swear, everytime I see Steve wearing his shield on his back, it makes me shiver in antici…..pation of what’s to come.
  13. Ohh! What’s that magic droid that Sam has? I want one!
  14. Well, hey there, Crossbones!
  15. Wait… what’s at the CDC that he’s trying to get? That just spells trouble!
  16. Hello, Cap! I really do love to watch you in action.
  17. Okay, Wanda’s powers are kind of kick-ass!
  18. I don’t know who choreographs these fight scenes, but I want to kiss you right now. BRILLIANT!
  19. Haha. The droid’s name is Redwing. Way to Easter Egg that back to the comics, Russo’s.
  20. I really thought Crossbones would have a bigger part than as a suicide bomber within the first ten minutes of the movie.crossbones-civil-war
  21. Whoa, Wanda! Aim for open sky, dear, not a building!
  22. Who is this? OH! That’s Howard and Maria!
  23. Well, Marvel FINALLY got a CGI body correct this time. Redo Steve in The First Avenger now, please.
  24. Wait… what? Do they know they are going to die? WAIT! IS THAT WHO WAS IN THE CAR CRASH?
  25. Uh… Tony, where’s Pepper?
  26. Who’s this lady? Ohh… Nevermind, ma’am. I’m sorry about your son.
  27. Now wait one cotton-pickin’ minute here. Tony didn’t murder your son! He was a casualty in a nasty battle, yes, but it was the crazy robots trying to destroy the world that truly caused his death. Leave my ‘venging babies alone.
  28. Ohhh… THIS is why the world wants the enhanced and Inhumans to be held accountable! (Note: this doesn’t even resemble the Inhuman and Enhanced Person’s/Inhuman/Mutant Registration Act proposed by the ATCU that caused the first Civil War. What are they playing at?)
  29. I love the big bro/lil sis relationship between Steve and Wanda.
  30. I really hate Ross. Should he even be there? Wasn’t he the one who ended up having something to deal with the SECOND rage monster that destroyed Harlem in The Incredible Hulk?
  31. Okay, I’m starting to get torn up now. I know I’m #TeamCap, but I can really see the other side of this.cw5
  32. Okay, Ross… enough. Yes, lots of destruction. And some people died. But look at the MILLIONS that were saved! Look at the big picture! – Yeah, never mind, I’m #TeamCap all the way.
  33. No, no, NO! What if this UN Panel says no to a place the Avengers really need to be? What will they do then, huh?
  34. What’s this guy trying to do, and why does he look familiar?
  35. Okay, either this weirdo is part of Ultra Hydra, or he has something far more nefarious planned.
  36. Oh! I know why he looks familiar! He and my friend, Ash, could be doubles.
  37. Since when does Tony want to be put in check? Where was this attitude in Iron Man II, Iron Man III, Avengers, and Avengers: Age of Ultron? Tony, figure your crap out.
  38. And here’s why I love Steve Rogers: “It’s run by people with agendas, and agendas change,” and “we’ll be surrendering our right to choose.”
  39. “We may not be perfect, but the safest hands are still our own.”
  40. If I didn’t believe so before now, I know that Captain America is a Libertarian now. Definitely. Steve Rogers for President 2016!captain-america-civil-war-steve-rogers
  41. Et tu, Natasha? Of all the people, I figured you’d want the anonymity the most.
  42. “She’s gone. In her sleep.” No matter how long I’ve known that Peggy Carter died in this movie – since they filmed the scene in Atlanta, actually – this still hurts like none other. Rest in peace, you beautiful, fierce lady.
  43. Wait… Why is the funeral in London? If this last season of Agent Carter is actually the last one, it elludes that Peggy and Daniel are together and much in love. Wouldn’t she want to be buried by her husband? Unless she was to be cremated, but then I figured she’d want to still be near him and her children… This just better not be the last season… Now I need answers.
  44. Really… I just… I don’t get the London thing.
  45. There’s “Neighbor;” oh, and look how convenient, she’s Peggy’s niece.
  46. Why did she curl only two tendrils of her hair. That’s really distracting; I almost missed that she quoted Steve Rogers from the comics. (The whole “No, you move” speech is great, but Steve didn’t say it, so… No.)
  47. Oh, please don’t let the kiss “no one will suspect” be between Steve and Sharon. That’s just cliche; I thought we were staying true, but yet far away from the comic romances. (Wanda and Vision, though, let’s keep that.)
  48. For real: please don’t try to bring romance in just now; it doesn’t work well during wartime.CivilWar571fef05230ad-1440x960
  49. I really want to hug Steve. He looks so sad and alone in that empty church.
  50. And Natasha is back in my good graces… even if she’s #TeamIronMan
  51. Ohhh… Hello, Black Panther!
  52. GRR! Please stop making Natasha flirt with all the superhero men in this franchise.
  53. Well, that was one heck of a bomb.
  54. RIP, King T’Chakka.
  55. Yup. They’re trying to set Steve up during one of the most important plotlines he’s ever had.
  56. Oh, no. No. No. That couldn’t have been Bucky. I don’t accept that. He had no reason to bomb the UN.
  57. “In my country, death is not the end… It’s more of a stepping off point.” I love that; I really do.
  58. What’s up with the ring, there buddy? Is that Wakanda’s version of a crown, or where you get your panther powers?cw6
  59. KILL BUCKY YOURSELF? No, sir! You’ll have to go through me and millions of other fangirls (and boys).
  60. Really, Steve? Do you think the black hat and sunglasses are an adequate disguise? Honey, no.
  61. And Sam, too?
  62. Okay, so Sharon is giving them intel on Buck’s whereabouts, I think I can be okay with that.
  63. Whoa there, strange guy. What’s in the closet?
  64. So, Bucky’s buying plums in Bucharest. Do you know what plums help out? Plums help memories! It’s like he wants to remember his life pre-brainwash.
  65. So, there’s a photo of Steve in Bucky’s journal. That just brings all the feels to the surface.
  66. Whoa! Holy duo fight sequence, Batman! Those moves are so in sync, you’d never believe it has been 70 years since they last fought on the same side!
  67. Ohh… Black Panther actually has retractable vibranium claws! I want them! And his suit is vibranium, too!?!
  68. Hey, uh, Steve. You know the glass you just kicked out of that Audi police vehicle? Yeah, it’s back…
  69. Umm… Bucky, want to tell me how you learned that move on how to steal a bike, flip it around, and keep going? (I think it took my breath away.) 112515-Captain-America-Civil-War-Harley-Davidson-2
  70. “Congratulations, Captain. You’re a criminal.” That shouldn’t sound so appealing as it does.
  71. Okay, why is Bucky just surrendering? He’s a super-soldier, and has the power to take on all of those men, and he’s just LAYING THERE? Buck, no.
  72. Welcome to “Cooking with Vision!” Tonight’s dish is something I can’t pronounce, never had, and probably couldn’t cook in a million years. But his love of Wanda is evident in how he wants to make her happy, so it’s cute. Okay, maybe not so cute that he’s keeping her hostage…
  73. I wonder how Wanda’s dealing with the death of Pietro? Not that I believe he couldn’t really be alive – look what happened to Coulson – but I expected more sadness surrounding her.
  74. Hey… if Tony was all for these accords, why wasn’t he in Geneva, too?
  75. “So you like cats?” Bahahah! And this is why I love Sam Wilson!
  76. Martin Freeman sounds really strange with an American accent; I don’t like that at all. Bring back my Watson.  cw8
  77. “I better not look out the window and see anyone flying around in that.” God bless Sam Wilson. ❤
  78. Steve: “I’m not getting that shield back, am I?” Natasha: “Technically, it’s the government’s shield.” Well, if that isn’t foreshadowing…
  79. Well, Steve must have “fondue” on the brain if he automatically assumed that Tony and Pepper were pregnant. Oh, you sweet little muffin.
  80. So, I really think that half of Tony’s beef with Cap – since the first Avengers  – is due to his father’s comradery with Steve back during the War. Which isn’t fair to Steve or to Tony. Steve isn’t able to show who he really is to Tony, and Tony is just using his dad’s idolization against him.
  81. You know what’s so funny about Tony’s line about “punching you in the perfect teeth?” Chris Evans’s dad is actually a dentist in Boston; the man is guaranteed to have some gorgeous teeth.
    I know…not a picture from Civil War, but look at that smile! Fangirl moment over. Back to the show!


  82. What’s really sad is that Tony really thinks he’s doing the right thing by backing the Accords and insuring that all the Avengers sign the doctrine.
  83. Wait… Who’s with Bucky? I know that voice. That’s the weird guy that stole the book!
  84. “Bird costume?” Nice. Sam ain’t gonna like that.
  85. See, if you’re in hiding, you don’t bomb the UN! I knew my Buck was innocent!
  86. WHOA! That is one hell of an EMP.
  87. Oh no… Weird Dude is going to make him become the Winter Soldier against his will! Fight it, Bucky! Fight it!
  88. I may have forgotten to breathe when my super-soldiers were fighting just now. And I forgot to write stuff down. Much action; such wow.
  89. Well, there was another Easter Egg to the comics between Nat and Bucky. Sheesh, just thinking back on it; Natasha did get around with the fellas in the comics. Maybe having her be the flirt was the right choice.
  90. Steve. What are you doing? You can’t stop a helicopter on your own. Steve, you’re going to hurt yourself. Steve, STAHP! civil-war-arms
  91. See, I told you to stop; you almost got chopped to bits by the rotors, but instead you’ll just fall to your watery grave like in The Winter Soldier.
  92. Ohh! Here’s the ending credits scene from Ant-Man!
  93. “Your mom’s name was Sarah.” Well, that was either a 1940s version of “yo mama” joke, or that was like the 40s version of the song “Stacy’s Mom.”
  94. HE’S NOT THE ONLY WINTER SOLDIER? What the?? Ohhhh… So the blue gel stuff was the super soldier serum after all! Called it!
  95. During this flashback, let’s talk about one important key that was missed from the beginning: What was the thing that Rumlow stole from the CDC?
  96. “I know a guy.” Ohhhh! Scott Lang!
  97. Of course Bruce wouldn’t be on your side. For a couple reasons: 1.) He doesn’t want to be associated with The Big Guy, and 2.) he hates General/Secretary Ross with a passion like the heat of a thousand suns!
  98. Ohhh!! Peter Parker! Welcome home, Spidey! cw9
  99. He’s only been on screen for two minutes, and he’s already better than any of the on-screen Spider-Men so far! I can’t wait for Homecoming.
  100. Why is it that the movie actually became funny when Tony went to obtain Peter for his side?
  101. Peter, when someone offers you a trip anywhere, especially Tony Stark, you go despite having homework.
  102. Vision walking through walls is really creepy.
  103. CLINT! There you are! Whatcha doing? Ohh… recon to get Wanda. Nice.
  104. It’s official, I want to be Wanda when I grow up. She’s the most powerful one in the entire bunch, and she’s barely out of her teens!
  105. I still don’t fully trust Sharon; she’s giving info to both sides. Sharon_Carter_CW
  106. I really like the bickering between Sam and Bucky. Give me a movie or television show about those two trying to one-up each other, and I’ll be extremely happy.
  107. Ugh… I was right about Steve and Sharon kissing. I hate that I was right about that. Although, the looks on Sam and Bucky’s faces afterward were priceless.
  108. SCOTT! “Wow! This is awesome. I know you, too. This is great.” Scott Lang is me in the presence of any of my favorite celebrities. (We’ll just not talk about the time I told Natalia Tena she looked good naked on Game of Thrones.)
  109. Did Sharon give Tony the whereabouts of Steve & Co.? How else did they find out unle…. Ohhh. They tailed her. Not cool.
  110. I am so utterly giddy about Spider-Man in this movie, and I’m not even a big fan of that character. It’s strange.
  111. *fight scene* There’s too much going on to even pin-point favorite moments right now. No, I lied… Scott Lang.
  112. How on earth is Elizabeth Olsen running in that corset? I’ve worn corsets, they’re not so easy to run in! fd9553b455a8bf795068873e6673adf5
  113. I wonder if Bucky’s arm is made of vibranium, too…
  114. “That thing is not obeying the laws of physics at all.” No one ever said the shield had to obey the laws of physics, dear.
  115. The fact that Steve is amused that Peter is from Queens is one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen this movie. It just goes to show that some of the greatest men, with the best hearts, have similiar starts in life.
  116. I guess Scott can’t be called “Tic-Tac” anymore. He’s definitely got something kinda big there for the fight.
  117. I know Spider-Man paralleled Giant-Man with an AT-AT from Star Wars, but I was more thinking of of the Lilliputians and Gulliver in Gulliver’s Travels. But then again, I have a lit degree, and didn’t become a true “nerd” until after college.
  118. Did Clint’s bow just turn into a boSTAFF?
  119. Well, Nat, aren’t you just the little double agent. “I said I’d help you find him, not that I’d help you kill him.” cw11
  120. Well, that’s not good. Not at all. Please don’t kill Rhodey, even if he is on the opposing team, he doesn’t deserve to die.
  121. So a body is what the guy was hiding. That’s not creepy at all.
  122. Of course you’re worth all the hassle, Bucky. You had no control over yourself while you were brainwashed. Please don’t be so hard on yourself, you adorable, sad little cupcake, you.
  123. No, Nat, Tony isn’t able to let go of his ego for a minute. He gets that from his father.
  124. Hey! That dead guy is Joe Russo! Way to work yourself into the movie there, Mr. Director.
  125. Wait… Colonel Zemo? I thought it was supposed to be Baron Zemo.
  126. Prosthetics and a wig matching Bucky’s face and hair? I KNEW IT WAS A SET-UP!
  127. Okay, so why does this guy want the Super Soldiers again? Which empire does he want to destroy?
  128. When did Marvel acquire Azkaban? Did JK Rowling approve of that sell? captain-america-civil-war-underwater-base
  129. I effing love Clint Barton and his sarcastic humor and wit. Dear Marvel, please give me Jeremy Renner in a movie version of Matt Fraction’s comic. Thanks, Jen
  130. Excuse me, did Tony just apologize for being wrong? I believe that’s a first in all of the MCU. I need to write this down.
  131. Ohh… T’Challa, you’re one sneaky devil. Please don’t kill my Buckster.
  132. A red-head named Dot… at almost 100 years old. Could this be Dottie Underwood, enemy of Peggy Carter? No… but then again, everything does get connected in a roundabout way.
  133. So, Tony’s turning to #TeamCap, but Spider-Man didn’t like in the comics. Okay… I have no idea where this is going now. (I just hope that they don’t kill off Steve. I think I’d die myself.)
  134. “It’s nice to find a flaw.” No sir, you have crossed the line. Steve is a perfect, precious flower, and you do not get to say things like that to him. cw12
  135. That WAS Howard and Maria in the wreck!
  136. Okay, I’m probably the worst person on the planet, but I’m still sticking by Bucky. Sorry, Tony, but you of all people should know that he wasn’t all there.
  137. So, if Steve knew about the parental Starks’ deaths, then where’d he learn about that? Was it in the file that Natasha gave him at the end of The Winter Soldier?
  138. And now there’s more fighting. I don’t think I can take the anxiety these are causing me right now.
  139. Well, at least T’Challa knows who really killed his father.
  140. “Vengance has consumed you. It’s consuming them. I’m done letting it consume me.” Man, for one so young, he’s got a really good head on his shoulders.
  141. Tony, NO! Please don’t kill him.
  142. Steve, NO! Please don’t kill him!
  143. “That shield doesn’t belong to you. You don’t deserve it. My father made that shield.” *weeps openly* Shield!!! Just rip my heart out, why don’t you! cw13
  144. “Step out of line, you deal with me. Please step out of line.” Is it bad that I can hear John say this to Sherlock?
  145. Well, at least Rhodey isn’t dead.
  146. STAN LEE! Stan, Stan the FedEx Man! Bahahahah! Yeah, Tony Stank isn’t going to go away anytime soon. cw14
  147. “I’ve been on my own since I was 18. I never really… fit in anywhere; not even the army. My faith is in people, in individuals. And I’m happy to say for the most part, they’ve not let me down. Which is why i can’t let them down either.” Aw, Stevie, this is why you’re my favorite character, and part of why I will remain #TeamCap.
  148. Call from Ross? Please put him on hold! Yes!
  149. How long until Avengers: Infinity Wars? Too darn long. (It’s over 2 years, I can’t even…)

And…Four Bonus Thinks!

150. Wait. What are they doing to Bucky now? Bucky, is that a cryo chamber? Bucky, what are you doing? Bucky, STAHP!

151. Wow, that was a major turn of events. Looks like Black Panther is #TeamCap now, afterall. Huh.

152. Poor Peter’s been all abused in battle. Well, kid, get used to it.

152. “Some guy named Steve…. From Brooklyn.” Oh dear word; that’s magic! Yup, this is definitely the Peter Parker of the comics come to life.

There ya go, Monsters. 149 (plus four!) thoughts I had while watching Captain America: Civil War. Are there any points of the movie that stand out in your mind? Tells me in the comments; I want to know what thinks you thought during the movie.

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