Who You Gonna Call?:Geek Culture, Pre-Release Hate, and the Ghostbusters Reboot



It’s every geek’s prerogative to be subjective of their fandoms. You invest time, money, and feelings towards something, and you want to see the future of that succeed. However, it’s an entirely different thing to be critical and jump to conclusions over something that hasn’t happened yet.

I may – or may not – be thinking of the all-female Ghostbusters reboot that hits theaters this July.

Okay, I’m mostly thinking about the all-female Ghostbusters reboot that hits theaters this July.

Photo: Sony Pictures

Ever since the announcement was made that a reboot to the beloved Ghostbusters franchise was eminent, fanboys and girls across the globe have taken to the internet to express their displeasure with the remake.

Which, I mean, is cool and all, but shouldn’t you watch the movie before you pass such judgement upon it? At the time many of these negative comments, posts, and Tweets were based around the idea of, not just a reboot, but a female led reboot. Phrases like “women are just going to ruin the movie,” and “whose genius idea was it to remake a total guy movie with an all female cast? Good way to lose both audiences,” started swimming over the internet.

Now, I – like thousands of other fans worldwide – believe that certain movies and movie franchises should not be touched: Breakfast at Tiffany’s, any with Robin Williams, and anything by John Hughes are my top picks to leave alone. However, I’m not completely opposed to remakes of movies to give younger generations a fresh take at an older classic.

And really, that’s what this is: it’s a new take on an old classic. While it may not be something everyone wants, it’s something that could open up a whole other world of films for those who haven’t seen them.

Photo: Sony Pictures

Ghostbusters is just the tip of iceberg when it comes to backlash about announcements regarding choices in the film industry in the last couple years. Remember all the backlash when Ben Affleck was announced as the new Batman?


Batfleck got a lot of flack over the duration from pre to post production of Batman v. Superman. However, many of those who claimed that he’d be the worst Batman quickly changed their tune after the movie released into theaters.

(The fact that they since claimed that BvS was one of the worst superhero movies to date, is completely irrelevant.)

On the flip side, there are a lot of movies that receive good press and comments before release that receive complete negative ones after the film came out. Transformers three and four, Batman v. Superman, Age of Ultron, etc. But, to my recollection, there’s never been so much upheaval like this of Ghostbuster Redone.

So, what’s with all the drama surrounding it? Is it because people are hurt over the revamp of a childhood classic, or is it a much deeper, misogynistic attitude towards who will be starring in the film?

All in all, what’s it going to hurt to give it a chance?

One thought on “Who You Gonna Call?:Geek Culture, Pre-Release Hate, and the Ghostbusters Reboot

  1. Personally, I don’t care that it has an all-female cast. I am just sick to death of remakes. Leave it alone. With so much great material out there, just make something new. I love Ghostbusters as is and have no desire to see the reboot. Movies should be made to reflect their source material as well. If it was written as men, it should be men. If the characters are Asian, the actors should be Asian. Ect.

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