E3 2016! Our Most Anticipated and Predictions for the Show!

Daniel Robinson


Persona 5

Persona 5 It’s hard to believe that we haven’t seen a main entry of the Persona series since 2008. While Persona 3 and 4 got releases for the PSP and Playstation Vita (along with several other spinoffs), the series’ fifth entry has been in production for a while. Originally dated for 2015, then 2016, it now has a tentative release date of early 2017. With Persona 4 consistently being mentioned as one of the best JRPGs ever, you’ll understand why I’m more than a little excited to get see the game in action.

Mass Effect And

Mass Effect Andromeda We’ve heard precious little about the newest Mass Effect title other than a few screenshots and some short story descriptions. However, news outlets are reporting that Mass Effect will have a large presence at E3 and show off actual gameplay. The Mass Effect games are some of the best RPGs I ever played, and now Bioware has a chance to create a completely new world (or galaxy) in Mass Effect Andromeda.



Big Push for Playstation VR With a scheduled October release date, I expect Sony to push their new VR technology hard at E3. Because the hardware has already been shown off pretty extensively, that means games, games, and more games. We will almost certainly see smaller, indie projects that show off the hardware, but I expect to see at least one game from an established franchise that will be pushed as the system seller. Uncharted VR, perhaps? Not likely, but something to consider.

No Mention of Playstation NEO/4.5 or New Xbox One Don’t expect to see any mention of the rumored (and now confirmed) Playstation NEO/4.5 or the rumored new Xbox One Scorpio. These redesigned systems are supposed to allow for 4K gaming with better processing power. Sony wants VR to be the start of its show, not a redesigned system. And with very little pre-E3 news concerning the new Xbox One, I don’t expect Microsoft to be ready with any details next week.

FF remake

Final Fantasy VII a No Show Sony and Square-Enix made a splash last year when they FINALLY announced the remake of Final Fantasy VII. Don’t expect to see it this year, however. I don’t think this game is getting released until 2018 at the earliest and neither Square nor Sony will need to show it.


Aaron Blog Photo



The Return of the JRPG Last year we got a lot of announcements heralding the return of the JRPG from Final Fantasy XV, Star Ocean, Persona 5, and I Am Setsuna. This year we should see more gameplay as these games are all set to come out over the next couple of months.

I grew up in the Playstation-era when JRPGs reigned supreme and witnessed them fall off quite a bit after the Playstation 2 gave way to the PS3. It will be good to see the JRPG return back to some of it’s past glory and not just be relegated to a niche gaming audience. It will be interesting to see if this year’s conference has even more announcements concerning the rebirth of older JRPG properties or possible new entries into the genre.


EA Star Wars Logo

Lets Talk Star Wars Even though Star Wars Battlefront was one of the best looking games  on this generation of consoles and had brought some fresh game modes to online multiplayer, it was more than a bit flat in terms of the gameplay your received for $60.

It’s time for EA to jump on a speeder bike and bring us more information on what they have planned for the Star Wars property. We know that Visceral is working on some sort of game for the property and, to be honest, I will be more than disappointed if we don’t hear something about it. I’m a big fan of Dead Space 2 for it’s great third person action and atmosphere, and I’m hoping that we see something from this talented development team about this project.

Even though EA didn’t completely hit the mark with Battlefront, it was a step in the right direction of making good Star Wars games again and lets hope we see them continue to move in the right direction this year.


Zelda NX

Nintendo Will Not Disappoint with the New Zelda Gameplay The House the Mario built is laying a bit low at this year’s E3. We all thought we would hear about their newest console, codename NX, but the company had other ideas and decided to delay the unveiling until later this year.

With no news on the NX, Nintendo is putting all of their rupees in one pouch by streaming gameplay of the new Zelda for the entirety of the E3. Upon first hearing the announcement of the decision I was a bit bummed, but then realized that this may be a genius move by Nintendo.

How is this genius? It’s simple: this property will move systems. A lot of them. Why not show it off and show everyone what they have to look forward to? Give them what they want and build the anticipation for, what many think, is a make-it-or-break-it console for the company. It’s a bold move, but with the Wii U virtually dead at this point, why not send your biggest hitter to E3 to show off a bit and leave everyone wanting a more.

A Lot of Surprises Let’s be honest with ourselves for a moment: No one really knows what will happen at this year’s E3.

The past couple of years we kind of had a good idea of what to expect, and even though the shows haven’t been completed devoid of surprise announcements (looking at your Final Fantasy VII remake), the path to E3 hasn’t been shrouded in mystery by any stretch. This year gives a bit more sense of uncertainty and, after initially being less then thrilled about this year’s conference, I’m starting to get a bit more excited as it grows closer. We’ve been spoiled a bit with new console launches and all the excitement that brings, but this year may be a bit more fun to watch for me because I honestly have no clue what I’m going to see.


Mega Man Legends

Mega Man Legends 3 Announced Don’t take my dreams away. They are all I have left.


Joe CollierBlogpic



Battlefield one

Battlefield 1 Let’s turn the deadliest war of all time in to a video game!

If done right, DICE could have a great game on their hands. Which I’m sure it will be! If we remember Battlefield 1942, the developer showed great accuracy for the historical side of WWII.

I’m excited for this game. WWI was right at the turn of technology. Imagine riding a horse and run right in to a tank. Take the French for instance, they where still using their blue and red uniforms that made for easy targets. Trench warfare was brutal, standing in filth and rot. Most of the time the body of your comrades lay beside you for days.

Then we have the weapons: swords, bayonets, and the trench club. We have the first tanks and also dog fights. Then we have one of the most terrible weapons to ever be used on the battlefield: mustard gas. With it already being announced that you will have a gas mask, I’m interested to see how they show the affects it had on people during this war.

Battlefield 1, could possibly be the hardest campaign to play through. Reading and watching history shows is one thing, but with Battlefield’s track record, we know it’s going to be highly accurate on details.

And that attention to historical detail could make for an unpleasant campaign mode, but a campaign that will also be fun just based on the historical accuracy.

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