Jen’s Most Anticipated Fall 2017 TV Line-Up!


Like most fans, and all live-tweeters, I tend to suffer during the summers when my shows go on hiatus from one season to the next. However, with September well underway, all of the favorites will be returning with new plots, characters, and story arcs to keep us going until the mid-season break come December.

But what is coming out this Fall that has this writer itching for it to begin sooner? Well, you’ll just have to continue on to know.

[Editor’s Note: Obvious SPOILERS ahead. So if you are still paying catch-up, you have been warned!]



With the ending of Season 4 of Greg Berlanti’s hit show on the CW, viewers were left wondering what was going to happen to Oliver and Co. once the credits started rolling after last season’s villain, Damien Darhk, was killed once and for all. Before the fade-to-black, we see Oliver and Felicity left alone in the destroyed bunker, while Thea and Diggle go their own ways for the foreseeable future.

But what’s going to happen to Team Arrow during the summer?

Typically, the timeline’s match what we’re currently living in, so we would have last seen Olicity and OTA in May – a whole five months from finale to the premier in October – so what have our favorite characters been up to? Has Oliver been training new recruits like Curtis Holt, aka Mr. Teriffic? What good has Oliver done for Star City since becoming Mayor? How has Flashpoint messed with this timeline to cause things to go awry from what we’re used to?

For once I’m staying clear of Tumblr and the spoiler message boards that speculate and nit-pick every piece of information that comes from Marc Guggenheim’s desk, so I’m going into Season 5 knowing nothing. Unfortunately, I have a little over a month before I will get to see any new episodes, and the suspense is just about to get me, but all I can say is that I am so glad the flashbacks from that stupid island are finally over. Let’s finally move on to Bratva Oliver.

Arrow returns to Wednesdays on the CW beginning October 5 at 8pm.

Agents of SHIELD


I’m going to be completely honest with you; I’m a bit disenchanted with this show right now. And the reason completely stems from the fact they killed Brett Dalton’s character, not once, but twice!

I just… I have no words.

However, I do admit I was placated a bit when I got to meet him at DragonCon this year and got a huge hug from him for being a #WardWarrior and standing with his characters since Season 1.

Yup, that’s me and Ward…I mean…Brett!

However, he did tell me to not give up on the show, and that there are some really cool things coming to us. Now, he wouldn’t – or couldn’t – divulge who and/what was coming, but from the most recent promos and stills, we’re going to be seeing a darker side of SHIELD than we’ve seen in the show before. I do know that confirmation – okay, it may be heavy suspicion – that Ghost Rider will be making an appearance sans motorcycle (like I always thought he rode), but with a hot rod instead. Did I mention that Skye/Daisy/Quake is on the lam, again, and is dressing like she’s Goth? Yeah, we saw a snippet of that during the finale of Season 3; but then again, who doesn’t go through an existential crisis when your body and mind is hijacked by a millennia year old parasite? You’re not really trusted by your friends and family anymore, and the last two guys you dated – literally – blew up right in front of your eyes. I can see where a girl would need a change, and a little time off work. I just hope she turns back into the badass chick we met in Season 1.

The new time slot SHIELD is moving to also alludes to a darker, more mature plot as the show is moving from its former 9pm slot to 10pm. Most shows that move – and even begin – at this time are known to die out quickly from fans not watching, but I sincerely hope it’s not the case with Agents of SHIELD.

But whatever the Whedon family has in store for SHIELD, I know that it’s going to keep me on the edge of my seat when it comes to tying in with the other Marvel movies and television shows, and I can’t wait to see how all of this will work together in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Agents of SHIELD will air in their new 10pm time on Tuesday, September 20.

Luke Cage


I wouldn’t be the MCU Aficionado of this blog if I didn’t get excited about any/all of the Marvel movies and shows that are available to me. The Netflix shows definitely fall within this category.

Last Fall, Marvel gave us Season 1 of Jessica Jones, and it has simply blown audiences and critics away with its writing, acting, directing, and cinematography. In fact, Jessica Jones just won Marvel their first Emmy for a television series. This Fall, however, Marvel is going to expound on Jessica’s love interest, Luke Cage, in his own series.

When we first meet Luke in Jessica Jones, he seems like your regular bar owner, but we quickly learn he has super-human strength and unbreakable skin. Eventually, Luke becomes a fugitive that attempts to rebuild his life, but when things start heating up in Harlem, it’s up to him to save his neighborhood.

What I’m most excited for with Luke Cage is learning more about his background. What happened to him while he was in jail? In the comic universe, Luke was experimented on while he was in jail, and that is how he obtained his powers. But what else happened to him? Will we get to see that as we get details on what happened after the Jessica Jones timeline? As an avid Marvel fan, I sincerely hope so.

Not only will this add Luke Cage to the MCU, but it will also introduce the rest of The Defenders to the MCU. (Which is a pretty big deal for the MCU to introduce another group of crime fighting super heroes – on tv this time – when the Avengers rule the movies for the MCU already.) Marvel is keeping pretty tight-lipped about what we can expect from Luke Cage Season 1, but if it’s anything like the comics, we’re in for a good ride.

Marvel and Netflix’s Luke Cage releases all of season 1 on Netflix on Friday, September 30.

Of course there are plenty more shows I’ll be watching and live-tweeting (@NerdGirlJen), but these three are the ones I am looking forward to the most because I want to see the plots progress farther than we’ve seen before. I want to see a lot of character development with new – and older – characters, and I definitely want to see more fans start watching these series so networks will produce even more for the viewers.

What are you most looking forward to in television this fall? Leave a comment and let us know!

3 thoughts on “Jen’s Most Anticipated Fall 2017 TV Line-Up!

  1. For me, it’s all about Luke Cage! Cannot wait to check that out. This is really good post, do you ever feature your writing on any other websites?

    1. Hi Mike! This is Aaron, the EIC of this site, we have had some of our stuff featured on other sites. Glad you like Jenna’s piece! She is a great member of this team.

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