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Activate.SearsCard.Com – Sears is a well known office store known for its appliance choice. On the off chance that you’re a committed Sears customer, you might appreciate the Sears credit card. There’s a Sears credit card and a Sears MasterCard, which is issued by Citibank. The Sears store card is accessible to those with reasonable credit or way better, which implies a credit score of approximately 660 or higher. The Sears MasterCard requires a credit score of great or way better, which may be a score of 700 or higher.



After your application for a Sears Card is accepted, you’ll start gaining points for each buy. Keep in mind, this card can as it were be utilized at Sears and Kmart — which are getting to be less as the company battles to preserve income figures within the 21st century. This card can be valuable on the off chance that you shop regularly at those stores or in case you plan on financing a huge buy because it opens special rates.

Features of Sears Card

  • You’ll win points on buys from participating retailers with the Shop Your Way points program. This includes Kmart, Sears,, and Lands’ End, which is very a variety.
  • Every $1 spent will gain you at slightest 10 base points, which can be recovered in-store at participating retailers (Kmart and Sears included) or online. They can be recovered for things of your choice at a rate of 1,000 focuses for each $1 recovered.
  • By owning a Sears Shop Your Way Master Cardor a Sears Card , you may naturally be recorded in their Shop Your Way Program. The last mentioned will possibly gain extra points in certain categories, such as gas and basic supplies. There may be an yearly cap on such buys though.
  • The Shop Your Way focuses earned may as it were be utilized at taking an interest retailers, such as Kmart and Sears. A adaptable cash-back card may permit you to utilize cash wherever wanted (depending on your recovery strategy).

Benefits of Sears Card

  • If users spent annually upto 10,000 at gas station then they will earn 5% in points
  • If users spent annually upto 10,000 at grocery station and restaurants  then they will earn 3% in points
  • If users spent unlimited annually at Sears & Kmart then they van redeem 2% in points
  • If users spent unlimited  annually on all other purchases then they will earn 1% in points
  • Month to month get to to a wide range of financial offers and rebates will be yours once you utilize your Sears cards. Valid online and in-store, you’ll be able to select between a 5% discount or 0% APR for a given period.

How to Apply For Sears Card

  • First users have to visit Activate.SearsCard.Com
  • Then there is option of lots of card
  • Choose sears card
  • There they have option of Apply & Use Today
  • Click on them
  • They have to option register and sign in
  • First you have to register yourself
  • They ask email , conform email , and you have to create your password
  • Click on I m not robot
  • After that they have ask one more thing read it n click ok it
  • Now you are successfully register yourself
  • Then for sign in
  • They ask you some details like email , password , there is box for showing your password if you want see click on that
  • If you want to remember your email on your pc click on remember my email
  • By agreeing terms and condition click on sign in .

How to Complete a Sears Credit Card Application Online

  • To get begun, visit Press on “Credit Card” and press on  “Apply Now.”
  • On the following page, select whether you’d like to apply for the Sears store card or for the Sears MasterCard.
  • The method is the same for both. Under the card you select, press “Apply & Utilize Today.”
  • Sign into your Sears “Shop Your Way” account.
  • In case you don’t have a “Shop Your Way” account, tap the blue link saying “Join for free” and take after the prompts to sign up for an account.
  • Once you’ve marked up, enter your e-mail and password and tap “Sign In.”

How to Apply for a Sear Credit Card From in-store

If  you having issue while application online don’t stress we are having option to go to store for credit card .

You can apply for sears card in store you have to go with your photo identification

About Sears Card

Sears card issued by Citi Bank . Sears has been around for more than 130 a long time, getting its begin as a mail arrange catalog within the late 19th century some time recently opening its to begin with brick-and-mortar areas in 1925. The chain was once the biggest retailer within the US some time recently Walmart took over the beat spot in 1989. Consumers cherish Sears for its determination of everything from dress and jewellery to apparatuses and gadgets, which can all be financed with the Burns credit card.

The Sears Card can be utilized at both Sears and Kmart stores, advertising cardholders uncommon financing and get to to elite occasions and rebates. What shoppers do not adore, be that as it may, appears to be the client benefit related with the Sears Card.


About Citi Bank

Citi bank is known as for their best financial administrations. Citi bank is established in 1812 for Keeping money administrations. Their headquarter is found in New York City, New York and you know that Citi bank’s Branches have its area at numerous places.

It serves within the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, And Canada. Citi bank serves in 2649 Branches. These days, Citibank Organization handles numerous Branches around the world. and the most center is the allow quality administrations to their clients. Presently, The current CEO of Citi bank is Michael Corbat Who takes the duties to form more income.

The income of Citibank in billions. As we know Citi bank is the speediest developing managing an account gather within the world. Citi bank has backups Citibank Argentina, Citibank China, Citibank Malaysia, Citibank Uganda and numerous more. Typically a few special points of interest approximately Citi bank.



In case you’re a visit Sears or Kmart customer, the Sears Card and the Shop Your Way MasterCard can be exceptionally valuable to you. You’ll possibly gain a lot of cash back or take advantage of up to a 5% markdown on your buys.

The Sears Card can be utilized at Sears, Kmart or on their corresponding websites. It opens month to month offers for cardholders, who can at that point recover them within the store or online. After you’re accepted, you’ll get invitations to shopping occasions additionally get get to to coupons that aren’t available to the general public. Having the card can too possibly permit for extra financing choices on high-ticket things like appliances or gadgets, in the event that you qualify.

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