– Activate Shop Your Way Credit Card – Shop your way card is a credit score card from Citibank this is meant to praise cardholders that make habitual purchases at Sears and Kmart shops. It is likewise a generously profitable credit score card for everyday recurring purchases, together with gas.

So, now you’ve  your Shop Your Way MasterCard. Now what? Before you’re making any transactions with the credit score card, you’ll ought to set off it. If you don’t recognize a way to do that, don’t worry! In this article, we are able to provide an explanation for how you may set off your Shop Your Way MasterCard ( to authenticate your credit score card and point out a few different information about it.

Ideal For

  • Are as of now members of the Shop Your Way application and ought to growth their rewards.
  • Want a rewards card that doesn’t turn categories each quarter, and spend the bulk on gas, goods and eating out.
  • Don’t arrange to apply the cardboard at discount golf equipment or superstores regularly.
  • Regularly keep at Burns and Kmart, both in-save or online.
  • Will take pick up of offers and decreases provided through Shop Your Way Recovery Partners.

Activate Shop Your Way Card Online

  • You will have to visit the official site of Shop Your Way Card Online
  • Now they have ask you your Shop Your Way card number
  • Provide them by seeing on your card
  • Now enter your name same which is appear on card
  • Now you have to enter Security Code
  • Now enter SSN
  • Now, you want to create your person id and password to sign up your card for online banking.
  • Within some minutes, your card might be activated and you could experience all of the banking centres of the Citi bank.

Activate Shop Your Way Card Through Phone Number

If you are not available to activate card through online mode then you can go for offline method which is through phone number. For that you will need Registered number with Shop your way or citi bank

  • Users first have to call on 1-877-816-9063 for activate Shop Your Way Card
  • Now choose language
  • Now you have to give details for verification
  • Details like Shop Your way card number , personal details like name , SSN , Security code etc
  • You will have to provide all details proper and truth
  • And agree the terms and condition of Shop Your Way Card
  • Complete the process by following the instruction given on call by Pre-recorded voice
  • And Shop your way card will activate

How To Register In Shop Your Way Card

  • First visit this by clicking on link
  • This link will direct you home page of Shop Your Way
  • On top page left side you will see option of Sign in
  • Now enter your email address
  • Now provide your name and password
  • Then after details
  • Press on join

Now you have registered yourself you can use your card

Benefits of Shop Your Way Card

  • The important blessings of those cards are that there’s no annual fee.
  • As this burden is decreased those cards are very clean on pocket to use.
  • You can get 5% Shop Your Way points on eligible buy at gas station.
  • So for the only who spends plenty at gas station those playing cards are bang on!
  • For the foodie people, your grocery and eating place payments can get you 3% Shop Your Way points.
  • Get 2% on buy at the shop i.e. at Sears and Kmart.
  • Also you get a threat to have 1% Shop Your Way points on all different eligible purchases.
  • If you spend 50$ or extra on eligible purchases inside 30 days of card activation you get a threat to earn 40$ assertion credit.

Payments of Shop Your Way Card

Pay Online

  • For paying online you will need to go to the home page of Shop Your Way Card
  • Then Sign in your account
  • And go to the account manage
  • And click on payment
  • Pay the bills of your card

Pay on Mail

  • Take a check
  • Enter your payment amount
  • And back side of check write your details name , card number etc
  • And mail the check on working 5 days for safety
  • And mail on below address

Shop Your Way Credit Card Payments ,

P.O. Box 78024,

Phoenix, AZ 85062-8024

About Shop Your Way

Citibank is the company of the Shop Your Way MasterCard. This is often a co-branded rewards card utilized by Sears and Kmart customers. You’ll win Shop Your Way components at the greatest basic styles of investing the utilization of this card. This calculate may be utilized for fate buys interior the Sears and Kmart stores.

When it involves co-branded rewards cards, the Shop Your Way Citi MasterCard can be a doozy. Since it’s related to the unfastened Shop Your Way rewards software, cardholders both ended up new people or interface their current bills to advantage extra points. The card gives rewards for gas, goods, eateries and matters sold thru Sears or Kmart, on beat of Shop Your Way focuses. Whereas this seems like a extremely good good deal at the surface, the rewards software may be a small overpowering and hard to discover with inside the occasion that you’re a new  part. Hence, it’s vital to remember all the information a while currently coming to for this credit score card.


Shop Your Way MasterCard offers an incredibly high-interest price of 5% on sure gas exchanges, which makes it one of the main effective credit score cards for gas buys. In case you’re anyone that spends a vital amount of cash on gas, you will be able in reality benefit from this credit score card.

This turned into all approximately Shop Your Way Card. You can without difficulty get yours because the requirement for such card could be very less. You have to be 18 or above of age, and prison resident of United States. Shop Your Way Cardholders are charged in a different way for overdue price, coins transfer fee, and so on the details of that’s to be had on website. Please make certain you examine the information earlier than you’re making any transactions. The price for payments may be both carried out through mail or online.

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