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www.MyPrizeStatus.com – My Prize status could be a site expecting for those who have serviced their autos from one of the dealers  and got an welcome with a code that can be utilized to urge a prize or to check the status of a prize offered to them.



While making a great bargain during trade, The Auto dealers  to preserve a great relationship with the client and in another way to improve their showcase within the world grant rewards to create their clients cheerful; usually the site to know the current condition of your Prize by the Auto Dealers.

This advancement plays an extraordinary role between the auto dealers and their clients. With this benefit, the clients can helpfully confirm their prize status and delivery. The DealerApps is overseeing this site who guarantees that this online instrument remains available circular the clock for the comfort of the clients.

My prize status is utilized by thousands of auto dealerships. It is utilized to grant their clients when they make a buy from them. My prize status is additionally worked by dealer apps. A client can check their prize status on their official site.

Requirements for MyPrizeStatus

  • User age ought yo be 18 of 18+
  • User ought to Legal resident of US
  • A electronic gadget like computer , laptop , smartphone and tablet
  • A strong reliable web association
  • code which you got from invitation mail and Zip-code

Advertising of DealersApps offers

  • Prize Center Hotlines.
  • TV Commercials (infomercials from mostly the Sunday morning)
  • Magazines

How to Apply For MyPrizeStatus

For enroll yourself in MyPrizeStatus you will get an invitation mail from Dealers App. this benefit, the Auto Dealers attempt to set up a awesome relationship with their clients. When the clients are cheerful, the company has noticeable chances to improve their trade.

How to Check the Status of Your Prize in MyPrizeStatus

It’s a easy way to check your prize status . The following steps are under

  • Get close to your computer, portable workstation, portable or any hardware you employ for the web browsing.
  • Now get your equipment connected to an online association that’s secured, reliable and quick within the speed whereas working.
  • Open the internet browser you like which works well together with your web speed.
  • User have to visit the official site www.MyPrizeStatus.com
  • Scroll down to the conclusion of the page to the form.
  • In the first field that requests your code, enter the code you’ve got from the auto dealer.
  • Now enter the Zip code of the range you’re living in and press continue.
  • That page will appear you each and each detail of your prize, what is the prize, when did it come and all the data that’s great to know.

In case you are doing not discover the prize or any other issue, you’ll straightforwardly call the auto merchant or meet him.

Pros of MyPrizeStatus

myprizestatus.com is very ancient. Typically as a rule a great sign. Most trick websites utilize space names that are less than 6 months old.!

Cons of MyPrizeStatus

  • com has no mail server. This can be a terrible sign.
  • com isn’t secured by SSL (https). SSL is significant for any online shop. It secures clients against man-in-the-middle (MitM) assaults that can be launched from compromised or uncertain networks.
  • com isn’t well known

About Dealer App

The My Prize Status advancement is worked by Dealer Apps who specialises in viable, simple to utilize, dependable promotion arrangements for auto dealers

Dealer Apps is  a live administrator service that captures reaction and deals openings for their clients. They handle these auto thought process reactions properly so their client’s promotions doesn’t go to waste.

Dealer apps give best conceivable arrangements to its clients to progress their showcasing ventures which can be seen by going to www.myprizestatus.com. It notices incorporate TV commercials, magazines, radio, mailing offers and prize center hotlines.

Dealer apps moreover incorporate contract promotions and credit alteration promotions. It gives reasonable rates and dependable promotion arrangements. Also all services include an internet reporting suit and lead administration system.

Prizes include cold hard cash, blessing cards, a Barry Sanders Rookie Card from RookieCardRamblings.com, trips, and wine tastings


Dealers App is issuing the MyPrizeStatus for progress arrangements of auto-dealers .  This services , the Auto Dealers attempt to set up a awesome relationship with their clients. When the clients are cheerful, the company has noticeable chances to improve their trade.

In case you’ve got recently avail Service of your vehicle, at that point you will get chance of Prize through proper welcome from the vehicle Benefit Company. In arrange to supply facilities regarding status of your Prize, Dealer Apps My Prize Status has been presented so that you just can helpfully explore it by checking from time to time status of your cost.

Beside an welcome from the vehicle Service Company, you’ll moreover get a interesting code merely will moreover utilize in checking Prize Status. The reason of such sorts of prizes by auto companies is to form long-term relationships with clients since, with fulfillment and bliss of clients, there will be more chances to advance commerce within the right way.

In case you moreover have as of late gone to Auto Service Company and presently need to check out the status of your prizes on its main location, at that point you’ve got to visit its official location and take after the informational: to get start for checking prize status, you would like to visit connect www.myprizestatus.co and go to the most location through your solid web browser interface to internet connection.

As you’ll be there right on the front page of the site, you’ll see two boxes within the center of the page. In these boxes, you’ve got to supply your welcome code within the first box and zip code within the moment box. After giving these codes accurately, you’re required to enter on Proceed button to go following to checking Status. In case you have got given your welcome code and zip code accurately at that point you’ll effectively see the status of your prize as well as its convenient conveyance along side complete detail.

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